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Validate email instantly with our cutting-edge free online email verification tool: simply enter the email address in the box below, and our advanced email validator will provide you with real-time email deliverability results!
Our free email checker ensures proper formatting and verifies the existence of the mailbox, confirming its ability to receive emails: the email validation process is completely discreet and our email verifier does not send any messages while testing email addresses.

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Super-fast speed, 99% accuracy.

Clean your mailing lists with Verifalia's AI email verification: achieve 99% accurate and detailed results at unbelievably high speed, detecting invalid, risky, and undeliverable emails.

Email Verification API

Free and open source SDKs included.

Integrate our real-time email verification API with your app and prevent typos, disposable, invalid and undeliverable emails, both single and bulk.
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Email verification FAQs

What is email verification?

Email verification is a crucial process that confirms the validity and deliverability of an email address: it is commonly used by businesses to ensure that the email addresses they collect on sign-up forms or use in their mailing lists are valid and capable of receiving messages, with the goal of reducing bounces and safeguarding their sender reputation with email service providers. Our proprietary email verification technology involves over 30 steps, including checks on email address syntax with support for internationalized (non-ASCII) addresses, verification of the domain and its DNS records (including MX records), detection of disposable email addresses, execution of diagnostic commands on SMTP mail exchangers and much more.
We employ AI to precisely monitor results on every step of the process and generate detailed email verification reports.

What is a bounce?

A bounce refers to an email that cannot be delivered successfully to the intended recipient; bounces occur for various reasons, and they are typically classified into soft bounces, which are temporary delivery issues (due to a full mailbox, for instance), and hard bounces, which are permanent delivery failures.
Our email checker aims to reduce bounce rates by identifying and removing invalid or non-functional email addresses from a mailing list before sending out email campaigns: minimizing bounces is important for maintaining a good sender reputation, as consistently sending emails to invalid addresses can negatively impact how email service providers view your sender status, potentially leading to emails being marked as spam or not delivered at all.

What is sender reputation?

Sender reputation refers to the overall track record of an email sender's behavior, particularly in terms of sending practices and user engagement: a sender with a positive reputation is more likely to achieve successful email delivery to recipients' inboxes, while a poor reputation may lead to emails being flagged as spam or failing to reach the intended recipients.
When assessing sender reputation, email service providers (ESPs) consider various critical factors, including bounce rates, spam complaints, email volume, the implementation of proper authentication mechanisms (such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC), and the quality of content.
Using our email tester allows to remove bounces and keep your mailing list clean, improving your sender reputation.

Is Verifalia integrated with my ESP / CRM / database / ...?

Verifalia integrates with over 6,000 apps and services, including most CRMs, email marketing tools, databases, cloud storages, transactional mail services, spreadsheet apps, forms, contact managers and many more.
For user-friendly integration, Verifalia is officially part of Zapier, enabling end-users to connect their applications with Verifalia's email checker using a point-and-click interface. Additionally, Verifalia is integrated into the Pipedream low-code integration platform, allowing IT professionals and developers to embed Verifalia's email validator into their automation workflows, with just a few lines of code.
Moreover, Verifalia offers a direct integration into Google Sheets, allowing users to check email addresses directly within a spreadsheet with a simple click.

How can I verify email addresses in bulk?

Verifalia simplifies the bulk email verification process through its user-friendly dashboard: users can effortlessly upload and verify lists of email addresses, checking for typos, invalid entries, undeliverable addresses, and risky emails like disposable emails, honeypots and spamtraps.
To initiate the email verification, upload your chosen mailing list to our dashboard in one of the supported formats (CSV, Excel, or plain text); once our email verifier finishes the mail list cleaning process, selectively download deliverable emails, focus on invalid or risky ones, or pick items based on their classifications and statuses among the 40+ supported by Verifalia.
Our email validator can identify the most elusive disposable email address providers, such as EmailOnDeck, and can check even the most challenging mail exchangers, including Yahoo!

How can I check email addresses on my website?

Verifalia provides two convenient options for checking email addresses on your website. Firstly, there's a free email verification widget that can be seamlessly embedded into any HTML page or form. This widget checks email addresses in real-time as users type, ensuring only valid and deliverable addresses are accepted before form submissions: it's compatible with most landing page builders, and you don't need any development skills to implement it.
Alternatively, for software developers, Verifalia offers a real-time email validation API: this API allows to verify email addresses on an individual basis or check mailing lists in bulk from any application. It provides a flexible solution for incorporating Verifalia's email checker seamlessly into your software or platform.

Does Verifalia offer an email verification API?

Yes, Verifalia provides a real-time email verification API which allows developers to check email addresses individually or in bulk, offering detailed verification results. Developers have the flexibility to customize our email validation process to meet specific requirements.
The Verifalia API is secure and follows a RESTful architecture, making it compatible with any HTTP client; additionally, we offer free and open-source SDKs for the most popular software development platforms, including .NET, Java, Node.js, JavaScript/TypeScript for the browser, Go, Ruby, and PHP.

Does Verifalia check email addresses without sending emails?

Yes. Although it's technically feasible to test if an email address exists by sending a message and waiting for a Non-Delivery-Report (which may never arrive, incidentally), our email validation process is completely stealth and Verifalia checks email addresses without sending email messages.
Your contacts will never receive an email message from our email checker: we verify the existence of the individual mailbox without ever letting them know.

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