How Verifalia works

Our online email verification service allows you to verify a list of emails in bulk through our client area or seamlessly integrate our API to verify incoming email addresses in real-time.

Our validation process

The email validation process is made up of several steps, each taking just fractions of a second.
For more details on all the tests run during these steps, see the list of features below.
Formatting and Syntax
Domain, DNS and MX Check
Mailbox Confirmation
Additional checks
We never send emails to your contacts

Your contacts will never receive an email message from Verifalia. We verify the existence of the individual mailbox, without ever sending a message to them.

Your valuable data is safe with us

Protecting your email data is our job. Your list will never be shared, sold, rented or even seen by anyone outside of our company. Read our Terms of Service for more details.

and verify your email list.


Verifalia offers the most comprehensive and advanced email verification service available in the market.
Here are just a few of the numerous features our platform provides.

AI-Powered Email Verification: Unleashing 99% Accuracy

Advanced syntax verification

Verifies each email address against universally recognized formatting standards.

The comprehensive syntax engine adheres to all pertinent IETF standards, encompassing RFC 1123, RFC 2821, RFC 2822, RFC 3490, RFC 3696, RFC 4291, RFC 5321, RFC 5322, and RFC 5336. It provides extensive support for quoted strings, quoted pairs, comments, and domain literals.

Domain and DNS check

Checks that email addresses are linked to active and legitimate domain names.

Validates the DNS records for each email address and identifies addresses associated with invalid, non-working, or parked domains.

Mail Exchanger (MX) test

Identifies email addresses that do not have a valid mail exchanger.

Supports a wide range of intricate configurations, including those encountered in legacy systems that are sporadically utilized.

Mailbox confirmation

Confirms the existence of the specific mailbox without initiating an email transmission or notifying the recipient.

Emulates the functionality of commonly used mail exchangers and utilizes the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

International verification

Verifalia is capable of accurately verifying all your contacts, including those utilizing non-Latin alphabets such as Chinese, Arabic, or Cyrillic.

Our platform supports both internationalized domains and mailboxes, leveraging Unicode (including Punycode and UTF-8) to ensure accurate verification of all contacts, regardless of their location or the alphabet they use.

Catch-all detection

Identifies mail exchangers that indiscriminately accept all emails to their domain, including those that are fake, false, or non-existent.

This type of server configuration can diminish your open rate and potentially create complications with certain Email Service Providers (ESP).

Temporary unavailability detection

Detects mailboxes that are temporarily unavailable, for example, due to being over quota.

Our premium-level services automatically make periodic retries for these addresses, aiming to bypass graylisting and provide a conclusive result.

Role account detection

Highlights common role accounts, which are generic addresses typically not associated with real individuals.

Role accounts are email addresses such as,, and so on. Sending emails to these addresses can have a negative impact on your deliverability and may even lead to blacklisting by certain ISPs.

Yahoo! verification

Verifies the existence of mailboxes with domain extensions such as,,,,, and so on.

Yahoo is renowned for its complexity when it comes to obtaining precise email verification results. Nevertheless, our service includes support for Yahoo's mail exchangers, ensuring that you can verify Yahoo mailboxes with confidence.

Disposable email check

Identifies temporary addresses generated by well-known disposable email providers, such as Mailinator, YOPmail, and others.

We thoroughly examine all emails using our extensive list of recognized disposable email domains, ensuring a low bounce rate. Our advanced neural network is capable of detecting even the most elusive providers, such as EmailOnDeck. You can rely on our system to maintain email deliverability efficiently.

Spam traps removal

Eliminates spam traps and other honeypots from the email verification process.

We employ our exclusive AI technology to detect and identify spam traps, honeypots, and individuals who frequently report spam.

Free email detection

Flags email addresses that are created using free email providers, allowing you to filter them out from your list.

Automatically identifies and flags email addresses hosted by well-known free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, and others.

Optimized for Verifying Large Volumes of Email Addresses

Huge lists support

Verifies lists containing up to 40 million email addresses at once.

Our system accepts lists up to 100MB in size (when compressed), which roughly translates to approximately 40 million email addresses. This allows for efficient processing of large email lists, enabling you to verify a significant volume of email addresses at once.

Excel, CSV and TSV support

Enables the import and export of your email verification data effortlessly, supporting a wide range of popular file formats.

Our platform provides support for various file formats, ensuring easy import and export from your CRM or database. These formats include plain text, comma-separated values (CSV), tab-separated values (TSV), and other delimited-separated values. Additionally, we support Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in both .xlsx and .xls formats.

Smart duplicates removal

Uses AI technology to identify duplicate email addresses within the same list, effectively preventing duplicate charges for validating the same address.

Many databases, particularly exported lists, may contain the same email address multiple times, potentially with minor variations that do not alter the core email address itself. We diligently identify these occurrences to ensure you are not charged twice and to help you avoid sending multiple communications to the same contact.

Developers API & Integrations

Extensive developers API & SDKs

Offers a secure real-time API for software developers and ready-made SDKs that facilitate expedited integration.

Our comprehensive and feature-rich REST API enables seamless integration with our email verification service, ensuring a secure and standardized approach. We also provide free and open-source SDKs for major platforms, including .NET, Java, JavaScript (Node.js and browser), PHP, Ruby, and Go, offering convenience and flexibility for developers.
Explore our API

Embeddable widget

Includes a free and lightweight widget that you can easily include on your website. This widget automatically verifies email addresses in real-time as they are entered by users.

Our exclusive JavaScript widget brings the power of real-time email verification to your web pages without requiring any coding skills. Once incorporated, the widget automatically monitors email fields and enables users to submit only valid and deliverable email addresses. It is compatible with plain HTML forms as well as most form validation libraries, offering seamless integration and enhanced functionality. Learn more

Integrates with *everything*

Seamlessly integrates with more than 6,000 applications, encompassing popular email marketing tools, cloud storage platforms, CRM systems, and other cloud services.

Through our valued partners Zapier and Pipedream, we integrate with thousands of the most popular apps and services. This enables you to automate your work efficiently and effortlessly, all without the need for coding expertise. Learn more

Highest Security: Military-Grade Encryption in ISO 27001 Data Centers

Advanced data encryption

Ensures the protection and confidentiality of your email addresses.

With our exclusive technology, we have implemented a system that does not store the email addresses we verify on disk. We prioritize the security of your credentials and other sensitive data by employing a one-way military-grade encryption algorithm, ensuring their protection at all times.

Highest security

Supports the latest TLS v1.3 protocol, multi-factor authentication and client-certificate TLS authentication.

Our system supports the latest TLS v1.3 protocol, ensuring secure and encrypted communication. We also provide support for multi-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to your account. Additionally, client-certificate TLS authentication is available to further enhance the authentication process for clients accessing our services.

ISO 27001 data centers

Offers the most advanced security measures.

Our advanced and eco-friendly data centers, certified ISO 27001, are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including video-monitored perimeter fencing, electronic access control, and round-the-clock surveillance cameras.

Ideal for Resellers & Teams

Ideal for teams

Allows to create and configure multiple users, for teams and resellers.

Each Verifalia account can have multiple users, with each user having their own set of credentials and configurable permissions to access the service. Users share the credits of the main account, allowing for seamless collaboration.

Firewall and throttling

Allows to configure multiple firewall and throttling rules.

Account owners are granted the flexibility to fine-tune usage throttling and implement firewall rules based on their unique needs. For instance, it is possible to create a user for a company branch and configure firewall rules to restrict access to the designated IP addresses, thereby enhancing credential security. Additionally, they can establish throttling rules to limit the number of email verifications submitted by a particular user or browser app, effectively preventing credit depletion and abuse.

Adjustable processing logic

Offers versatile processing logic, allowing you to select the email verification scenario that best aligns with your specific use case. This flexibility ensures that our service can cater to your unique requirements and preferences.

We provide our clients with the flexibility to choose between different levels of email verification to suit their preferences. For those seeking blazingly fast verification, we offer an option optimized for speed. Alternatively, if minimizing the number of transient result statuses is a priority, we provide an option that requires more processing time. Additionally, our premium clients have the added advantage of being able to customize and tailor the processing logic to their specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for their unique needs.

Ready to get started?

Why choose Verifalia?

Verifalia has been in the business of email validation since 2005 and we have helped thousands of satisfied customers clean up their mailing lists, decrease their bounce rate and increase the productivity of their email marketing efforts.

In addition to experience, here are some of the things that separate us from the competition:

Levels of service

Only Verifalia offers three levels of verification services, so pick the one that is right for your job.

Our High level validation is thorough enough for most needs. But our premium services are unique in the industry, for those who demand the best - they work harder and longer to get you more definitive results.

Data security

The security of your valuable data is our #1 concern. Your data is protected every step of the process with encrypted uploads, password protection, secure servers and continuous system monitoring.

Client areas of the site are secured by HTTPS protocol and all data is automatically deleted from our system after each validation according to your data retention preferences (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 30 days), or you can delete it manually anytime: your data is never at risk.


Your email validation takes place from our servers, so you are never at risk of being blacklisted by your clients.

Also, due to our extensive history our servers are known and have a great reputation, which allows us to offer you the most accurate results in the industry.

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