How Verifalia works

Our online email verification service allows you to verify a list of emails or integrate our API to validate incoming email addresses in real-time.

Our validation process

The email validation process is made up of several steps, each taking just fractions of a second.
For more details on all the tests run during these steps, see the list of features below.
Formatting and Syntax
Domain, DNS and MX Check
Mailbox Confirmation
Additional checks
We never send emails to your contacts

Your contacts will never receive an email message from Verifalia. We verify the existence of the individual mailbox, without ever sending a message to them.

Your valuable data is safe with us

Protecting your email data is our job. Your list will never be shared, sold, rented or even seen by anyone outside of our company. Read our Terms of Service for more details.

and verify your email list.


Verifalia offers the most feature-rich email verification service available.
Here are just some of the many features our platform offers.

Syntax verification

Checks each email address against universal formatting standards.

The complete syntax engine obeys all relevant IETF standards, including: RFC 1123, RFC 2821, RFC 2822, RFC 3490, RFC 3696, RFC 4291, RFC 5321, RFC 5322 and RFC 5336. It fully supports quoted strings and quoted pairs as well as comments and domain literals.

Domain & DNS check

Confirms that email addresses point to valid, active domain name.

Validates the DNS records for each email address and flag addresses belonging to invalid, non-working or parked domains.

Mail Exchanger (MX) test

Detects email addresses that don’t have a valid mail exchanger.

Supports even many complex configurations found in older systems that are occasionally still in use.

Mailbox confirmation

Verifies the existence of the specific mailbox without sending an email or notifying the target.

Emulates the behavior of common mail exchangers and employs SMTP protocol.

International verification

Verifalia can accurately verify all your contacts, even those using non-Latin alphabets, like Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic.

Support for both internationalized domains and mailboxes. Utilizes Unicode (Punycode and UTF-8) to ensure all contacts are accurately verified, regardless of where they are or which alphabet they use.

Catch-all detection

Identifies mail exchangers that accept all emails to their domain, including fake, false or non-existing ones.

This type of server configuration can reduce your open rate and cause problems with certain Email Service Providers (ESP).

Temporary unavailability detection

Detects mailboxes which are temporarily unavailable mailboxes.

Our premium level services automatically retry these addresses at specific intervals to avoid graylisting and return a definitive result.

Role account detection

Highlights common role accounts, which are generic addresses often not belonging to real person.

Role accounts are emails such as,, etc. Mailing to these addresses can impact your deliverability and even result in blacklisting by certain ISPs.

Yahoo! verification

Verifies the existence of mailboxes,,,,, ...

Yahoo is notoriously difficult to navigate in order to get accurate results: our service supports its mail exchangers as well, so you can verify Yahoo mailboxes with confidence.

Disposable email check

Identifies temporary addresses created by known disposable email providers (e.g. Mailinator, YOPmail, etc).

We check all emails against our extensive list of known disposable email domains to keep your bounce rate low.

Free email detection

Want to avoid free email providers from your mailings? We flag them for you so you can easily filter them out.

Automatically flags email addresses hosted by a known free email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.

Duplicates removal

Identifies duplicate email addresses so that you don't pay twice to validate the same address.

Many databases, especially exported lists, can contain the same email address more than once. We identify them for you so that you don’t get charged twice and can avoid mailing the same contact multiple times.

Ready to get started?

Why choose Verifalia?

Verifalia has been in the business of email validation since 2006 and we have helped thousands of satisfied customers clean up their mailing lists, decrease their bounce rate and increase the productivity of their email marketing efforts.

In addition to experience, here are some of the things that separate us from the competition:

Levels of service

Only Verifalia offers three levels of verification services, so pick the one that is right for your job.

Our High level validation is thorough enough for most needs. But our premium services are unique in the industry, for those who demand the best - they work harder and longer to get you more definitive results.

Data security

The security of your valuable data is our #1 concern. Your data is protected every step of the process with encrypted uploads, password protection, secure servers and continuous system monitoring.

Client areas of the site are secured by HTTPS protocol and all data is automatically deleted from our system after each validation according to your data retention preferences (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 30 days), or you can delete it manually anytime: your data is never at risk.


Your email validation takes place from our servers, so you are never at risk of being blacklisted by your clients.

Also, due to our extensive history our servers are known and have a great reputation, which allows us to offer you the most accurate results in the industry.

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