What is Zapier and how does it work?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to integrate two or more services or apps so that they can work together, with no code required: you can easily integrate Verifalia’s email verification service with more than 6,000 apps like email service providers, spreadsheet apps, cloud storage, databases and CRMs, without the help of any developer.

Zaps: automation sequences

It all starts with an automation sequence, called Zap in Zapier’s terminology. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions, which are executed every time the trigger event occurs. Zapier checks triggers every few minutes for new data: there is no involvement needed from you - your data will flow from one app to the other automatically.

After creating a Zap with Verifalia, you will be able to verify your email lists in real-time in response to a trigger fired by any of the 6,000+ apps supported by Zapier; for example, you can create a Zap that runs automatically every time a file with the email addresses of a list is uploaded to a specific folder of your Google Drive (this will be the trigger), verifies those email addresses with Verifalia (this will be the first action) and then stores the email verification results in your CRM (the second and last action). Or, as another example, you can create a Zap that runs automatically whenever new contact is added to a Mailchimp’s list (audience), verifies the contact’s email address with Verifalia and unsubscribes it from that Mailchimp’s list if the email address is undeliverable.

The possibilities are truly endless!

Here is a list of the most popular Zaps that others are using in Zapier, for your inspiration: use one of them or create a new Zap.

Supported actions

With Verifalia, you have the following Action options.

⚡️ Verify Email Address

This Zap action verifies a single email address in real-time with Verifalia and checks if it is properly formatted, really exists and can accept mails, if it is a free or a business mail, flagging spam traps, role accounts, disposable and catch-all addresses - and much more. The perfect choice whenever you need to handle a new contact added to a mailing list or an email address entered through a sign-up form.

Learn more about the Verify Email Address action

⚡️ Verify List of Email Addresses

This Zap action verifies an entire list of email addresses in real-time with Verifalia and is mostly useful whenever you want to integrate with different CRMs and have more than one email address to validate at a time or if you need to verify exported lists of emails or spreadsheets. During the validation process, our service will check if the email addresses are properly formatted, really exist and can accept mails, if they are free or business mails, flagging spam traps, role accounts, disposable and catch-all addresses, marking duplicates - and much more. The verification results will be returned as either a CSV or an Excel file.

Learn more about the Verify List of Email Addresses action

⚡️ Delete Email Verification Job

As the name suggests, this Zap action deletes a previously submitted email verification job. Although Verifalia automatically deletes data after a configurable data retention period (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 30 days), it is a good idea to delete your data as soon as you have received the verification results, for additional security.

⚡️ Get Credit Balance

This Zap action returns the number of credit packs and free daily credits available to your Verifalia account: it can be useful to create automated checks within a Zap.

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