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Email list cleaning and real-time email verification service.
Helping over 60,000 customers reduce their bounce rate since 2005.

Email list cleaning

Keep your mailing lists free of invalid, risky, mistaken email addresses and typos. Reduce your bounce rate and protect your sender reputation. And keep your critical emails out of your clients' junk folder with AI-powered email verification by Verifalia.

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Our email verification dashboard

Super-fast email checker, with 99% accuracy

Our AI-powered email verification service identifies all invalid and undeliverable emails for you as well as risky email types like spam traps, role accounts, catch-all servers and disposable / throw-away email addresses in the blink of an eye. Plus, use our exclusive premium email validation services to navigate even the most difficult email servers (including Yahoo!) with highest accuracy.

A simple app for cleaning mailing lists

Use our client area to simply upload your email list and download the email verification results once they are ready: easily choose which emails to keep in the new, cleaned list. We support various formats including plain text files, CSV and Excel spreadsheets, and even copied and pasted data!
Explore past lists and handle account, including security, all in one place.

Detailed email verification reports

Every email address is categorized as Deliverable, Undeliverable, Risky, or Unknown; additionally, each address is assigned one of Verifalia's exclusive set of over 40 distinct status codes. This unique feature guarantees that the reports you obtain from our email validator include accurate explanations for every classification, supplemented by comprehensive verification details.

Real-time email verification API

Our developers API ensures both security and seamless integration with our real-time email verifier, and it is complemented by free and open source Software Development Kits (SDKs) for .NET, Go, Java, JavaScript (Node.js and the browser), PHP, and Ruby.
Microsoft .NET Standard, .NET Framework, .NET Core email verification
Go / Golang email verification
Java email verification
JavaScript email verification
Node.js email verification
PHP email verification
Ruby email verification

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Verify email addresses with Visual Studio and cURL

Single and bulk email verifications

Use our email verification API to prevent single invalid emails from entering your system, avoiding fake and fraudulent sign-ups and spam attacks, and safeguarding your premium content. our API also allows to verify lists of email addresses in bulk, enabling you to validate your database or exported data on a rolling schedule in batch and remove emails as soon as they are found to be undeliverable.

Powerful fine-tuning for each verification

Through our developers API, you can customize all the settings for each individual email verification. This includes adjusting the desired quality level of the email checker, setting the waiting timeout, specifying email deduplication preferences, defining data retention settings, and configuring callback preferences.

Ideal for user segregation and resellers

Our premium plans enable multiple users and connected browser apps under your main Verifalia account, streamlining account sharing among employees or clients. You can set unique permissions for each user, apply firewall and throttling rules, customize data retention, and link client certificates for mutual TLS authentication.

Email verification widget

Our embeddable widget integrates seamlessly with any web form and verifies email addresses in real-time at the point of capture, keeping bad email addresses off your list and eliminating bounced emails. It offers a user-friendly solution that requires minimal effort to implement and no coding skills.

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Supports native HTML5 forms and most libraries

Incredibly easy to use, our JavaScript widget integrates with native HTML5 form validation and supports the most popular front-end form validation libraries and frameworks, including Adobe Marketo Engage, FormSite, FormStack, FormValidation, HubSpot, Instapage, jQuery Validation Plugin, Kendo UI for jQuery, KickoffLabs, Leadpages, Parsley, Unbounce, Validate.js and others, unobtrusively adapting and harmonizing its visual feedback with your page's existing design.

Compatible with any culture and alphabet

Our widget can verify e-mail addresses in any alphabet (including those in non-ASCII Unicode glyphs), detecting the directionality of your page and adjusting its visual feedback accordingly; it allows you to personalize any setting in order to meet your preferences and align with your unique business logic seamlessly.

Lightweight and without dependencies

With a compressed size of only 9KB, our widget is a true champion of lightness; it comes as a single Javascript file with zero dependencies, which loads instantly in the browser. And installation is trivial: just copy and paste a few lines of HTML code into your web page; advanced users can also customize it to suit their preferences, following the detailed documentation.

Integrated with over 6,000 tools

Verifalia offers seamless integrations to the best CRMs, email marketing tools, databases, cloud storages, transactional mail services, spreadsheet apps, forms, contact managers and many more: integrate Verifalia with 6,000+ different apps and services through an easy point-and-click interface and without the need of any developer.
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Codeless, point and click integrations with Zapier

We are officially integrated with Zapier, a product that allows end users to integrate Verifalia's email verification service with the web applications they use and automate workflows easily and without any code or technical expertise.

Advanced automations through Pipedream

And, for advanced integration scenarios, we are also an official partner of Pipedream, a low code integration platform for IT pros and developers that allows you to connect your favorite app with our APIs with a much higher degree of customization over automation workflows.

Also available directly in Google Sheets

Verifalia is also available on the Google Workspace Marketplace as an add-on, enabling you to verify email addresses directly within Google Sheets. If your mailing list is in a worksheet, you can easily clean it up using our add-on without leaving your spreadsheet editor.

Want to reach more customers?

Feature-rich email verification

Only Verifalia offers three levels of service quality and detailed response codes. In real time!
Syntax validation, domain / MX / DNS check, mailbox availability check, spam trap detection, catch-all server detection, international (non-ASCII) domain and mailbox support, disposable email detection and many more!

Pricing designed for your business

Our pricing is flexible, because we know that your business isn't static.
Choose between monthly plans starting at free and bulk credit-packs as low as
$0.00049 / €0.00043 / £0.00032
per each email validation.

Your data security is our priority

  • Our website, client area, API and uploads are all secured by HTTPS/TLS connections
  • Your data will never be sold, rented or shared with anyone
  • All data is deleted automatically according to your data retention preferences (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 30 days) or immediately upon request
  • Data is stored in secure data centers in Germany, protected by some of the world's strongest data privacy laws

and validate email addresses now.