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Connect your favorite apps with Verifalia and automate your email verification workflows without the help of any developer.
Verifalia supports over 4,000 seamless integrations to the best CRMs, email marketing tools, databases, cloud storages, transactional mail services, spreadsheet apps, forms, contact managers and many more.
Search your favorite app below or learn how to verify an email address and how to clean mailing lists through our integration partner Zapier.

and integrate Verifalia email verification into your favorite tool.

We never send emails to your contacts

Your contacts will never receive an email message from Verifalia. We verify the existence of the individual mailbox, without ever sending a message to them.

Your valuable data is safe with us

Protecting your email data is our job. Your list will never be shared, sold, rented or even seen by anyone outside of our company. Read our Terms of Service for more details.

and integrate Verifalia email verification into your favorite tool.

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Use our developers API

Verifalia includes a powerful and real-time email verification API which software developers can easily integrate into any platform and language.

We also offer free and open source SDKs which make integrating with Verifalia a one-liner in major platforms, including:

Microsoft .NET Standard, .NET Framework, .NET Core email verification
Java email verification
Javascript email verification
Ruby email verification
PHP email verification

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