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Our free account is not a trial: it is a free plan that gives you ongoing access to our client dashboard, three levels of service and our API. Plus, it comes with 0.2 free credits per day, which is good for 25 Standard level validations. You can add credit packs as needed to validate larger lists.
Up to 25 free
validations per day
per month
0.2 free credits per day
Best effort processing
1 sub-accounts

Monthly plans

Best option for real-time verification or for daily users.

Save money with our best value option.
Get free credits each day to you use on API or manual verifications.
Up to 250 free
validations per day
per month
2 free credits per day
Normal processing
5 sub-accounts
Up to 1,250 free
validations per day
per month
10 free credits per day
Real time processing
100 sub-accounts
Firewall protection new
>99.9% uptime SLA
Up to 6,250 free
validations per day
per month
50 free credits per day
Real time processing
1,000 sub-accounts
Firewall protection new
>99.9% uptime SLA
Up to 25,000 free
validations per day
per month
200 free credits per day
Real time processing
5,000 sub-accounts
Firewall protection new
>99.9% uptime SLA
Billing cycle:

Validations shown assume Standard level service. Daily allocation is based on credits; the use of Premium level services will result in fewer daily validations.

Quality levels

Email validations

Each email validation has a simple, clear-cut, unit price, depending on the quality of results you need:

Standard quality 0.008 credits per email address
Suitable for most businesses, provides good results for the vast majority of email addresses; features a single validation pass and 5 second anti-tarpit / graylisting time; less suitable for validating email addresses with temporary issues (mailbox over quota, greylisting, etc.) and slower mail exchangers.
High quality 0.02 credits per email address
Much higher quality, featuring 3 validation passes and 50 seconds of anti-tarpit / graylisting time, so you can even validate most addresses with temporary issues, or slower mail exchangers.
Extreme quality 0.04 credits per email address
Unbeatable, top-notch quality for professionals who need the best results the industry can offer: performs email validation at the highest level, with 9 validation passes and 2 minutes of anti-tarpit / graylisting time!

Credit packs

Buy credits for periodic list cleaning or purchase some backup credits to protect against overages. Credits purchases through credit packs never expire, so you can use them at any time. The bigger the pack, the better the price!

Standard quality

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Pricing FAQs

Do I need to sign up for a plan?

You must create an account with Verifalia to purchase credits and verify emails.
If you just want to use the service one time to validate a list, you can sign up for our free account and then purchase the necessary credits to complete your job.

How do free credits work?

Free credits are issued daily based on your plan level. The free credits expire each day if not used, they do not accumulate.
Daily credits reset each day at midnight, Greenwich Mean Time .

Can I change my plan level later?

Of course! You can change your plan level at any time through your client dashboard. All upgrades and downgrades are processed immediately.
Refunds are not available for unused portions of plans. So if you intend to downgrade your plan level in the future, be sure to select the “Once a Month” billing option when you register. You’ll pay a bit more per month but you have the flexibility of changing your plan level each month.
Upgrades are billed a prorated amount based on your current plan level and the time remaining in the billing cycle.

What validation level do I need?

You can read more about our validation levels in the section above. Be aware that the High and Extreme level services use more credits than the Standard service, so you need to plan your credit usage appropriately.
The Standard level validation is best for real-time applications and quick, efficient list cleaning.
The High and Extreme level validations are best for deep list-cleaning, where you need a definitive result for every address on your list. The more accurate the results you require, the higher level of service you should choose.

Can I test the service before paying?

We hope that you do! Our Free plan allows you to verify up to 25 email addresses per day which is sufficient for most clients’ testing needs.
If you have specific testing needs, please send us a request with details (list cleaning vs real-time, anticipated volume, requested test size) and we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis.

How many credits do I need to buy?

If you have questions about the credits you’ll need to complete your validations, just send us a message with the specifics of your job (number of email addresses, desired level of service, etc.) and we’ll produce an estimate for you as soon as possible.

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