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Email Verifications
Daily free credits
25,000 6,250 1,250 250 25
Additional verifications Unlimited, through our credit packs Unlimited, through our credit packs Unlimited, through our credit packs Unlimited, through our credit packs Unlimited, through our credit packs

Our service uses the daily free credits included with your plan before using any purchased credit packs; unused daily free credits expire at the end of each day, while unused credits from purchased packs do not expire and remain available for future use.

Each email verification requires 1 credit at our standard quality level; higher quality levels are available at a higher unit cost, allowing you to process email addresses with temporary deliverability issues (e.g., mailbox over quota).

Processing speed
Best effort

With higher-tier plans, our service will verify your submitted email addresses more quickly.

Real-time email checker

Our email verification service checks the emails you submit in real-time, using fresh, uncached data directly from the target mail exchangers.

Bulk list verifications

We offer bulk email address cleaning and support importing files in various formats, such as plain text, tab-separated values (TSV), comma-separated values (CSV), Excel .xls, and Excel .xlsx files. Additionally, our system can handle large files up to 100MB in size (or about 72 million email addresses per single list).

Bot detection / CAPTCHA

When CAPTCHA verification is enabled, Verifalia prevents bots from submitting email verifications, using Verifalia credits, or triggering throttling restrictions for legitimate users. We support popular CAPTCHA providers such as Cloudflare Turnstile, Google reCAPTCHA, and hCaptcha.

Learn more

Custom classification scheme

A classification scheme defines the relationship between a particular classification (e.g., Deliverable, Undeliverable) and the status codes associated with it; advanced users can customize this scheme to fit their Verifalia account preferences, determining how specific status codes are classified according to their needs.

Classification overrides
100 rules 50 rules 10 rules 5 rules

Verifalia offers a feature for creating and managing custom classification overrides, which are applied before the system evaluates the classification scheme. This functionality allows you to link a specific classification with a wildcard expression (for example, *, which is then compared to the email address being verified.

Typos detection & suggestions

We use powerful machine learning models to automatically correct common errors in incorrect email addresses and suggest alternative spellings.

Free email detection

We detect and flag free email addresses from services like Gmail or Yahoo: this allows you, for instance, to either reject them on your website's sign-up form or export only business emails for your next mailing campaign.

Disposable email detection

We identify and mark disposable email addresses, allowing you to easily remove temporary and throw-away emails from your mailing list. Verifalia uses machine learning to pinpoint even the most elusive disposable email address providers, such as EmailOnDeck.

Smart duplicates removal

Verifalia offers two distinct email deduplication algorithms that you can select based on your business requirements; duplicated emails can be easily removed from your verification results and are always free of charge.

Quality levels
  • Standard
  • High
  • Extreme
  • Custom
  • Standard
  • High
  • Extreme
  • Standard
  • High
  • Extreme
  • Standard
  • High
  • Extreme
  • Standard
  • High
  • Extreme

Some mail exchangers may require additional time for verification, and certain email addresses may have temporary conditions that affect the verification process, needing multiple validation attempts to provide a definitive classification. At Verifalia, users can choose the processing logic for checking their email addresses based on their business requirements.

  • Standard Quality: This option involves a single validation pass and a 5-second anti-tarpit / graylisting time. It meets the needs of most businesses and delivers satisfactory results for the majority of email addresses. It requires 1 credit per email verification.
  • High Quality: With three validation passes and 50 seconds of anti-tarpit / graylisting time, this option allows validation for most addresses, including those with temporary issues or slower mail exchangers. It requires 2 credits per email verification.
  • Extreme Quality: Tailored for professionals, this option offers the highest level of validation with nine validation passes and 2 minutes of anti-tarpit/graylisting time. It requires 4 credits per email verification.
Users of our Ultimate plan can also request customized processing logic tailored to their specific needs.
Integrations & Add-ons
Developers API

Our developer API enables quick and secure integration with our email verification service; additionally, we offer extensive and detailed technical documentation along with code samples to assist you throughout the process.

Explore our API documentation

Free & open source SDKs

We offer open-source, royalty-free integration libraries for the most popular software development platforms, including .NET (Core, Standard, and Framework), Go, Java, JavaScript (for Node.js and web browsers), PHP, and Ruby.

Explore our API documentation

Embeddable Javascript widget

A royalty-free JavaScript widget that adds real-time email verification to any HTML page without any coding. It automatically prevents form submission for invalid, unreachable, disposable, and throw-away email addresses.

Learn more about our widget

6,000+ integrations

Verifalia supports over 6,000 seamless integrations to the best CRMs, email marketing tools, databases, cloud storages, transactional mail services, spreadsheet apps, forms, contact managers and many more. Connect your favorite apps with Verifalia and automate your email verification workflows without the help of any developer.

Learn more about our integrations

Google Sheets add-on

Our add-on for Google Sheets allows you to verify email addresses in Google Sheets at just the click of a few buttons.

Learn more about our add-on for Google Sheets

Job completion callbacks

Users of our developer API have the option to request notifications for specific email verifications upon completion: this feature is particularly useful if you're integrating with our service or considering reselling our email verification service.

Military-grade encryption

Thanks to our unique technology stack, we never store the email addresses we verify on any persistent medium, and we always keep Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data in RAM. Sensitive data is protected using a one-way military-grade encryption algorithm, and both our website and API support the latest TLS v1.3 protocol.

Configurable Data Retention

Our users can customize the default data retention period for the lists they submit for verification, with a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 30 days. We will delete the data once its retention period is over, starting from when the list finishes validation. Of course, users can also delete their data anytime through our client area or API.

Configurable Throttling
5 rules 5 rules 5 rules 5 rules 5 rules

Throttling rules limit the number of email verifications submitted by a particular user or browser app, preventing credit depletion and abuse.

Configurable Firewall
10 rules 10 rules 10 rules

Firewall rules restrict access to our email verification platform to specific IP addresses you select, thereby enhancing credential security. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

Multi-factor auth (TOTP)

A time-based one-time password (TOTP) is a temporary passcode generated by a device (like your smartphone): it is used alongside regular credentials as an additional authentication mechanism, providing extra security.

X.509 client certificate auth

Client-Certificate Authentication uses X.509 digital certificates to verify user identities during the TLS handshake, also known as mutual or two-way TLS authentication. While TLS usually authenticates websites, it can also authenticate clients to servers.

Team Management
Users / browser apps
5,000 1,000 100 5 1

Users and browser apps can access your Verifalia account based on the permissions you grant them: this feature lets you segregate the activities of your team members, API consumers (such as apps and websites), and clients while sharing the same account balance.

Configurable permissions

Fine-grained control over system access through a user-friendly permissions assignment interface.

Support & Help
Service Uptime SLA
>99.9% >99.9% >99.9%
Support Level
Priority Priority Priority Regular Regular

Need more?

Contact us to discuss a custom solution for your business.

Credit Packs

Verifalia’s credit packs enhance your email verification experience by providing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and volume discounts.

Compatibility with All Plans

Credit packs can be used with any of our plans, including the Free plan: you can leverage credit packs to verify mailing lists of any size, regardless of the number of daily free credits included with your plan.

No Expiry

Worried about unused credits? Don’t be! Credits purchased through credit packs never expire. They remain available for future use, allowing you to verify emails at your own pace.

Volume Discounts

The bigger the credit pack, the better the price. Our credit packs offer significant volume discounts, making them an excellent choice for high-volume email verification needs.
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Pricing FAQs

Do I need to sign up for a plan?

You must create an account with Verifalia to purchase credits and verify emails.
If you just want to use the service one time to validate a list, you can sign up for our free account and then purchase the necessary credits to complete your job.

How do free credits work?

Free credits are issued daily based on your plan level. The free credits expire each day if not used, they do not accumulate.
Daily credits reset each day at midnight, Greenwich Mean Time .

Can I change my plan level later?

Of course! You can change your plan level at any time through your client dashboard. All upgrades and downgrades are processed immediately.
Refunds are not available for unused portions of plans. So if you intend to downgrade your plan level in the future, be sure to select the “Once a Month” billing option when you register. You’ll pay a bit more per month but you have the flexibility of changing your plan level each month.
Upgrades are billed a prorated amount based on your current plan level and the time remaining in the billing cycle.

What validation level do I need?

You can read more about our validation levels in the section above. Be aware that the High and Extreme level services use more credits than the Standard service, so you need to plan your credit usage appropriately.
The Standard level validation is best for real-time applications and quick, efficient list cleaning.
The High and Extreme level validations are best for deep list-cleaning, where you need a definitive result for every address on your list. The more accurate the results you require, the higher level of service you should choose.

Can I test the service before paying?

We hope that you do! Our Free plan allows you to verify up to 25 email addresses per day which is sufficient for most clients’ testing needs.
If you have specific testing needs, please send us a request with details (list cleaning vs real-time, anticipated volume, requested test size) and we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis.

How many credits do I need to buy?

If you have questions about the credits you’ll need to complete your validations, just send us a message with the specifics of your job (number of email addresses, desired level of service, etc.) and we’ll produce an estimate for you as soon as possible.

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