Email verification real-time API

Automate your email hygiene with the Verifalia API
Email data is the cornerstone of all your digital communication efforts: marketing, sales, customer service and more.
When bad data sneaks into your system, your emails don't get delivered. Lines of communication get broken. Things starts to break down. Your business suffers.
With the email verification API from Verifalia, you can be sure that both new addresses and your existing database are clean at all times.
You'll improve your sender reputation. Keep lines of communication open. And deliver more of your important emails to the inbox.


Use the Verifalia email verification API in two ways:
Real-time email verification
  • Integrate simply into your app, web forms, CRM, POS or other point of data entry
  • Prevent invalid emails from entering your system at sign-up
  • Avoid fake sign-ups and spam attacks
  • Safeguard your premium content
Batch email validation
  • Upload lists simply via API
  • Validate your database on a rolling schedule
  • Eliminate data as soon as it turns bad, before it can create problems
  • Keep your data fresh continually

and start using our API.

Secure real-time email verification API

A secure email validation API that developers love

The service is exposed via an elegant and secure HTTPS-based RESTful API, which uses JSON as its primary data interchange format.
Input a couple of lines of code and validate email addresses from within your own application!

Free and open source SDKs

Our free and open-source software development kits allow you to integrate our API into your applications with just a few simple lines of code.
We currently offer software development kits for:
Microsoft .NET Standard, .NET Framework, .NET Core email verification
Java email verification
Javascript email verification
Ruby email verification
PHP email verification
Go / Golang email verification

Get great value with a plan subscription

Monthly plans offer much better per-unit pricing than bulk plans, so by integrating an API and automating your email hygiene you save both time and money.
Every plan gives you new free credits each day so that you can validate your new incoming emails or submit a portion of an existing list for verification.
Real-time plans start at just
for 1,250 validations every day.
See our pricing
Cheap email verification service

Want to verify emails from inside your app?

Verifalia API FAQs

What is an API?

An API is a simple program that allows your website or app to request information from our email verification service automatically.

Can I test the API?

Sure you can. Just sign up for a free plan and you'll have 25 free validations per day that you can use to test the service.

How can I use real-time verification?

Our API can be integrated with forms on your website, new customer signups, CRM systems, POS systems - anywhere that you receive new email addresses from customers or leads. Our API will let you know the validity of their email address instantaneously so that you can either accept them, reject them or ask for a different email address.

Are there setup costs involved?

No. Access to our API is included for free with all of our plans, including the Free plan! We also provide free open-source software development kits for several popular programming languages. You will need a developer on your end to perform the integration but in many cases can be done in a matter of minutes.

How quickly are results processed?

Most single-address API requests are processed in less than 1 second. Slow servers, old servers, busy servers or anti-spam systems (graylisting) can delay responses, in which case our standard service has a timeout setting of 5 seconds.

Is my customer data safe?

Absolutely. All API communication takes place over secure HTTPS/SSL connections, so your data is protected at all times. All data is automatically deleted after the completion of the job according to your data retention preferences (minimum 5 minutes, maximum 30 days), or upon your request.

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