How do Verifalia daily free credits work?

What’s the most important step you need to take while collecting or working with emails? There's only one answer to this question: email validation!

Are you a careful developer?
You probably know that form submissions and users sign up should be regulated by a strict validation in order to avoid disappointing things such as odd or fake email address.
With our email validation API, you can prevent fake user signups in real time.

Are you a savvy marketer?
You probably understand that success of your email marketing campaigns really drive sales for your business only when your leads seem to be really interested in what you communicate. Even your email marketing and sales automation platform provides statistics that put the evidence on that!
So why don’t you constantly maintain your email contacts ready to use for your weekly newsletter or seasonal launch?

There are lots of digital assets that need to be cleaned and maintained. If you haven't taken a close look at your contacts database lately, cleaning your email list with Verifalia is quick and easy!

What are the daily free credits and how many could I have?

Our pricing is based on a credit model where each credit permits to verify one email address at our standard quality level: we offer five different plans to choose from and each plan comes with a certain number of included free credits each day.

Our Free plan lets you benefit of 25 daily free credits. We want you to become aware of our features and perfect validation results before you buy, both using APIs and manual verification.

This plan is truly free, and not just a free trial: you can benefit from your 25 daily free credits forever, if you wish!

Instead, if your daily validation need is higher than 25 emails per day, you can upgrade or buy one of our credit packs! Have a look at how does Verifalia pricing work and choose the most suitable solution for you.

We offer 4 Premium monthly plans with a different number of daily credits: Starter plan, Professional plan, Enterprise plan and Ultimate plan.


Our Most Popular plan is the Professional one, which grants 1,250 free credits per day, permits real-time processing and includes up to 100 user accounts.

If you know your daily needs are huge, choose our Best Value: the Ultimate plan which allows you to verify up to 25,000 emails per day, with real-time processing and 5,000 possible user accounts.

Our plans have different volumes because each business has different needs. So the question is: what is the expected volume of email validations you are planning to perform, on a daily and/or monthly basis?

Let me give you an example!

With an estimate of 36,000 email validations per month and an average of about 1,200 daily submissions, you would be perfectly covered by our Professional plan, which includes 1,250 email verifications per day at our standard quality level.

Do you prefer a higher quality?

It most of the times happen that the standard quality suits common business needs and permits an efficient email list cleaning or real-time validation.

Of course, if you need a higher percentage of a definitive result, you better choose our High or Extreme Quality and take advantage of the best results this industry has to offer: the more accurate are the results you require, the higher the level of service you should choose.

What if you need to upgrade/downgrade your account?

We made that easy for you! Just access your Client Area and manage these options through your dashboard.


What happens if I have available credits from a pack?

Your monthly subscription gives you an allotted number of credits per day, expiring every 24 hours. When you have free daily credits available from your plan your validation starts by using those credits until they finish. Just after that, credits from credits packs are used. In fact, these credits are meant to supplement your subscription, in order to manage peaks and troughs in your email marketing flow.

When do free credits expire?

Free credits are issued daily based on your plan level. The free credits expire each day if not used, they do not accumulate. Daily credits reset each day at midnight, Greenwich Mean Time.

In case of credits depletion during a manual verification, the service will show a message that asks you to add credits and cover the cost for your email verification job.


When you are verifying through our API and you have exhausted your credits, the service returns a specific HTTP status code:

  • HTTP status code 402: Payment required. Either the credit of your account is too low to process the validation request or the request would exceed the maximum number of monthly processable items.

Can I use my free credits both through dashboard and API?

Yes, of course you can! Moreover, it’s automatic.

Use our online app to validate your full email list at one time: upload your data; download your results; start seeing improved results from your campaigns right away.

Or instead, you can use the Verifalia API to be sure that addresses entered on your apps are safe to send: integrate simply into your app, web forms or another point of data entry; prevent invalid emails from entering your system at sign-up; avoid fake sign-ups and spam attacks.

Get credits each day to use on API or manual verifications.

Still not sure about which plan suits more your needs? Contact us.

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