How does Verifalia's pricing work?

Your email  list is one of your most valuable marketing resources, but as technology develops and users become savvier, you inevitably find yourself with email addresses that are incorrect, fake, or even temporary – expiring after a set amount of time. You need a reliable email validation service to prevent bounces and get the most out of your email marketing.

Verifalia’s email validation service offers advanced features that can scrub even the most unwieldy list. If you already use Verifalia, you see results in your marketing campaign and, like us, always look for new ways to improve. That’s why starting in October 2015 we've introduced a new, flexible pricing model that allows you to customize Verifalia’s features to fit your needs.


Simplified credit system

With our new pricing model we’ve simplified the entire process of purchasing validations. Here’s how it works: you subscribe to a plan giving you a certain number of credits per day. Each credit gives you up to 125 validations, so every validation is worth the same amount: 0.008 credits. Just choose a plan with the number of credits you need to cover your list. Time to put the calculators away – purchase your subscription and start validating!


A plan for every budget

Running your email marketing campaign on a shoestring? Now you can opt out of some of the more sophisticated features by signing up for our free subscription. Under our old free membership, you still paid for every validation and used the whole gamut of features. But our new free subscription is truly free – with a few less features, you benefit from 0.2 credits per day, equaling up to 25 free validations daily.


Extra credits easy to add on

With credit packs available to supplement your subscription, you can manage peaks and troughs in your email marketing flow. Your monthly subscription gives you an allotted number of credits per day, expiring after 24 hours. However, credits purchased in a credit pack never expire and you can use them whenever you want. Ranging in quantity from four credits to 80,000, you really can find the right solution no matter what your needs.


Customizable features

Not all lists are created equal, and your validation service should reflect this. With our new pricing model’s customizable features, you only pay for what you really need. We now offer three validation profiles: standard quality, high quality, or extreme quality.

For optimal results, consider an Extreme quality profile, offering real time validation, up to nine validation passes on those peskier email addresses, and two minutes of anti-tarpit time. Have it all with the Enterprise or Ultimate monthly plans – the rest depends on the size of your list.

Looking for something a tad less robust? The Professional plan’s High quality profile offers a good mid-range solution, with up to four validation passes and 50 seconds of anti-tarpit time. And you’ll enjoy substantial savings. 

Only have $9 to spend per month? Take advantage of our Standard quality offering included in the Starter plan. With 5 seconds of anti-tarpit time and a single validation pass, you can still enjoy our industry-standard validation service at a low price. 

At Verifalia we think you deserve excellent, effective email validation, while giving you the choice to customize features to meet your own needs. That’s why all plans come with free setup, free support, SSL protection, and developers API.

Register for Verifalia now to select your plan and start cleaning your list. 
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