Are the prices subject to VAT (or other sales taxes)?

According to European Union Directive 2008/8/EC, VAT on electronic services is applied to private individuals from the European Union plus companies which resides in the same country as the seller.

  • Non-EU: For all clients outside of the European Union, we do not have to add VAT (or other sales taxes) to our prices.
  • EU: For European Union companies that have a valid VAT ID, we do not have to add VAT to our prices. For companies without a VAT ID and private individuals within the European Union, we must add your country's local VAT percentage.
  • Italy: Verifalia is headquartered in this country so we have to add 22% VAT to clients (companies and individuals) based in Italy.

The VAT(or other sales taxes) addition does not change on the basis of the payment method or premium plan you choose.

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