8 Tricks About Email Marketing You Need To Know

Email marketing is crucial for building your brand. To create a successful email marketing campaign, you need to focus on a factor of key things. Before you create your email marketing you need to learn as much as you can about your potential customers so that you create valuable information that they want to learn more about.

Daniella E. Phillips
Daniella E. Phillips
Business writing teacher
June 22, 2020

Email marketing is crucial for building your brand. To create a successful email marketing campaign, you need to focus on a factor of key things. Before you create your email marketing you need to learn as much as you can about your potential customers so that you create valuable information that they want to learn more about.

1. Make Your Emails Influential

Nobody wants to read something boring. You need to create an email that will reach and influence new customers so that they will be intrigued by your business and product. Most people have access to their phone and email throughout the day, with emails being delivered throughout. It’s a direct line of communication when you send an email and that’s why you need to spend time making it interesting. You can inform people about your brand and build awareness through email marketing, do this by providing knowledge and facts about your brand. Tell your customers about your blog updates and give inside industry advice, you want to invite them to read on and visit your site.

2. Personalization

When people sign up to become part of a mailing list a great way to keep them subscribed is creating personalized emails. Do this by creating an email using their name so they feel seen and appreciated. Depending on what your recipient buys or is more interested in from your brand you can again target this and market new deals and products to them. For example, if your brand concerns beauty products and your customer is concerned with a specific skin ailment you could choose products to market and sell to them to help this concern. These actions, although they seem small, can set you apart from other companies and people will be willing to stick with your mailing list and product instead.

3. Create A Story

To intrigue your customers and make them read on and stay interested create email content that is informing them as well as entertaining. No one wants to read an email full of statistics and numbers, that’s why it’s important to hire copywriters with knowledge of creating something powerful and unique. You want to give something valuable to the customers without giving too much away. You want to create intrigue and you can do this by investing time into the content, put yourself in the recipient’s position and understand how you can make the information more readable and significant for them.

4. Detailed Subject Lines

Depending on what you choose to write in your subject line of your emails could lead to the recipients choosing to read it or ignore it. This is why you need to make a subject line eye catching and interesting. Use keywords and make them count, extra effort into this can make all the difference. Use powerful words that stick and make people take a second look. You want to inspire your readers to do something, to read on, visit your site and learn about your brand. Brand awareness is everything for building credibility.

5. Copywriting

As we mentioned, creating an intriguing story is vital for readers. Copywriters are needed to make a story come alive. Hiring the right copywriters, who understand your brand is also important. It’s important that while your emails are informing, they are brief and not filled with waffling and unnecessary information. No one will want to read text that does not apply to them and their needs. This is why things like wording, paragraphing and making a clear-cut point in your email is important. You want to include perhaps one call to action in the email, this could be anywhere from the start or ending of the email, to invite more clicks. It sounds strange but adding a ‘PS’ or ‘just a note’ at the end to include external links to other content, sites and blogs that are similar and can help promote are valuable.

6. Build A Relationship

As we mentioned emails can be personalised to each recipient which can create loyalty and make your potential customer pick you over other brands and businesses. Displaying interested and enthusiasm towards your readers will make them seen and more interested in your brand. Be proactive with your email marketing and do the research into your target audience and individual customers, chances are if you successfully do this, they’re more likely to notice this extra effort and refer you to others which is free publicity.

7. Subscription

Making it difficult for readers to unsubscribe from your emails will only cause upset and anger towards your brand. Although it can be tempting to not lose customers through creating roadblocks as this will create spam reports and unwanted attention. It may be that they are just not interested in your brand anymore, but that’s ok. You don’t want to earn a reputation of being difficult, so instead make it simple for existing customers to unsubscribe if they want.

8. Valuable

Just like creating a story and making it informative, emails need to be valuable for the reader. You need to offer them up something exclusive that others don’t have access to. By signing up to your email subscription they know inside information and you can reward them with individual and personalised subscriptions that others won’t have access to. The purpose of emails is to generate interested towards your brand and clicks to your pages. You want your readers to be excited when your email is delivered to their inbox and have them click and read it straight away.

While creating email marketing campaigns takes time and effort, it will pay off in the long run. You’ll slowly be able to see a steady growth in your business from this important marketing strategy. Everything takes time and if you are patient and confident in what you are selling you will be able to create a brand that people want to know and find out more about through your creative and well written emails.

Written by
Daniella E. Phillips
Business writing teacher

Daniella E. Phillips is a business development manager, business writing teacher and professional. You can find her featured at Dissertation writing service. Daniella helps her clients to build their professional and personal brands within the fast-changing and demanding markets. She believes in a holistic approach towards business.

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