Tips and Tactics - Enhance CRO through Email Marketing

Email is one medium refusing to let go, and rightfully so, why should it? It has grown significantly over the years, from being a simple messaging medium to a global academic used for a variety of different objectives now.

Amanda Jerelyn
Amanda Jerelyn
Marketing Manager
April 14, 2020

Email is one medium refusing to let go, and rightfully so, why should it? It has grown significantly over the years, from being a simple messaging medium to a global academic used for a variety of different objectives now.

According to statistics published on Statista, the global email users in 2019 amounted to a whopping 3.9 billion. It makes up almost half of the whole world population. Even more so still, the same study has predicted this figure to go up to 4.3 billion users in the upcoming years, till 2023. These numbers are valid proof that email marketing as old school as it may seem is definitely not a thing of the past. It is as relevant in the present and will be in the future, given how it drives sales and conversions drastically.


Doing business in an ever-changing and developing marketing realm is not easy. There are so many different marketing mediums now available that it has become relatively difficult for marketers to pinpoint their client base to one medium at a time. The technological advancements are so fast-paced that marketers are expected to cater to all mediums equally. And sometimes even all at once.

So the newest approach towards enhancing email marketing results without making a marketer’s job difficult is through one great tactic that is CRO or conversion rate optimization. CRO is an extremely valuable and viable asset for a marketer as it follows a similar pattern throughout all marketing mediums and, most of all, for email marketing.

10 Top Tips to Win Your Email Marketing Game through CRO

Therefore, here are the top ten tips to enhance your email marketing game through conversion rate optimization.

1. Customer-centric approach

If your business goals are designed around a customer-centric approach, then your business will thrive successfully without any hurdles. The marketers should focus their strategies around their client base and understand what the majority of their customer desire. Once you align your business approach, goals, and objectives with how your customer desires, it is smooth sailing from their onwards. It will not matter if you are doing email marketing or utilizing any other marketing medium. A customer-centric approach is a way to go. Sending personalized emails, address the customer by name, especially if they are follow-up, is one of the easiest ways to start with.

2. Learning more about your audience

Learning about your audience is crucial. Marketers who tend to take it easy and don’t understand the value of knowing their customers and users leave out vital detail from their marketing program. Because many times what happens is that some trend gets hyped up in the market and many customers seem to be taking an interest in it. Many organizations go wrong on this notion to apply the same strategy on their brand, where maybe your customer base is different. What if, according to your branding and product, they are not attracted through this particular type of marketing trend. It is why knowing what exactly what would work for your client base is necessary.

3. Marking customer lifecycle

The term customer life cycle refers to the different steps a customer goes through from considering buying a product to actually buying, using, and remaining loyal to a certain brand’s product or service. Thus, by actually marking the keynotes of your customer lifecycle, you’ll learn key points that help you design better customary emails. You can easily build a network of campaigns based on seasons and holidays. Or even based on customer behavioral patterns given occasions like Election, Super bowl, etc. when emotions are running high, and marketers can take advantage and easily gain targets because of it.

4. Optimize every turning point

Just like how every step in the customer’s life cycle is essential for marketing consideration, every step onwards while designing an email for marketing purposes needs to be optimized. From optimizing your subject lines to links and call to action buttons and then finally the landing pages, every turning point should be optimized for conversion. Because even if just any single one of your email marketing processes has issues with it, then your whole strategy is flawed. The initial operation of an email is to trigger engagement, and the path laid out from this first step till conversion should be optimized to work smoothly in continuity.

5. Content optimization for all devices

You might be already tired of listening from every source, but it is actually true that mobile and smartphone devices are taking over the search engine ratings. The technology is expanding so quickly, and the changes coming on are so fast that organizations don’t even get a proper chance to delegate before they are already at the phase of implementation. It is why the best recommendation for content optimization is to optimize it for every device. Whether your mail is opened on a mobile device, tablet, smartwatch, laptop or even a desktop computer, the format should comply with all of them and be able to convince the user to take the next likely step.

6. Up-sell and cross-sell emails

  • But now what?
  • Do you stop sending out these emails?
  • Do you stop the conversion cycle abruptly because it succeeded once?

One time is not enough for a corporation as big or small it might be, would require the said customer to be loyal to the brand in question. Thus, the next step to take is to continue with up-sell and cross-sell emails highlight associated products and services that might interlink and relate to the product that has already been purchased by the customer.

7. Encouragement and loyalty emails

Sometimes promotional emails end up in your client’s spam bin but not if they have already willingly subscribed to the newsletters and allowed emails. So the likely step to take here for a marketer should be well thought out. As the customer has already started to take the brand loyalty approach, you would not want to miss the chance of keeping this customer by applying the wrong strategy. Thus, encouragement and loyalty emails where you appreciate the customer and us personalized loyalty tactics like discount codes and offers work significantly to increase the conversion rate.

8. Communication & feedback

Every marketer lives by the rule knowing that customers are king. No marketing strategy will work if the customer’s choice is sidelined to what the brand wants to do by themselves. It is why feedback and a successful communication channel are both essential. Not only does it keep the customer happy and satisfied that someone is there to sort out their issues and answer their queries, but it is a huge help for the corporation to increase conversions, sales and learn what the customer actually desires.

9. Follow-Ups

Follow up emails are always a great way to keep a continuous engagement format going. It does not mean that if a customer has already purchased a product, then your relationship has come to its likely end. Now is your chance to gain that customer as a regular, loyal customer under your client base. Like many customers, you successfully gain, the more conversion would be driven without any effort of the initial steps performed for it.

10. Test and analysis

Lastly, any good marketer would know and agree that testing a strategy and analysis after its implementation. Both are extremely viable. So as a marketer, never skip this step to avoid marketing mistakes, no matter how big your brand gets.


All in all, it can be said that maintaining an email marketing strategy to drive increased CROs is the likely way to go. Amongst other newer trends, email marketing works because even if it is old school, it has shown significant results to this day!

Written by
Amanda Jerelyn
Marketing Manager

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as Marketing Manager at Crowd Writer, an excellent platform that provides ‘do my assignment’ and other writing services. She is a full-time working mother who loves all things new like tech, sports, and entertainment. She shares her personal opinions and expertise online through her blogs.

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