How To Make Mobile Friendly Emails For Your Marketing Campaign

Email clients have built mobile applications that people use to access their email accounts and this way, people don’t have to log into their desktop computers to read their emails. That is why we write our tips on How To Make Mobile Friendly Emails For Your Marketing Campaign.

Randolph Bunnell
Randolph Bunnell
Email marketing specialist
August 07, 2019

Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to your existing and potential clients. People have embraced email as a form of communication and as a result of this, businesses can use this platform to interact with clients and promote their products.

When sending email marketing materials to your clients, you should keep in mind that most of your emails will be opened on mobile devices. Email clients have built mobile applications that people use to access their email accounts and this way, people don’t have to log into their desktop computers to read their emails. In fact, an estimated 68% of emails are opened on mobile devices and this makes it mandatory for businesses to develop mobile-friendly emails.

This article highlights How To Make Mobile Friendly Emails For Your Marketing Campaign.

1. Keep the subject line short

Mobile devices have a small space for displaying the subject line or email header. For effective marketing, you should make sure that the header is short for easy reading by mobile users. Those receiving your email should not struggle to make sense of your email and this is why the email headline should be short and precise.

If it is not possible to compress the headline, make sure that the important phrases in your headline are captured within the first few characters. To increase your chances of connecting with your readers, the ideal length of the email headline should be 40 characters or less.

2. The copy should be concise

When writing content for your mobile email marketing campaign, strive to keep the text as concise as possible. Users should be able to scan the content and get what you are trying to say, as we said in our article “7 Powerful Email Copywriting Techniques.

To achieve this, divide the text into consumable chunks that are easy to digest by your readers. Use bullet points to list the actionable points and small paragraphs to explain important issues.

Your readers could be doing other things with their phones when your email pops up and this is why you need concise email copy that will make it easy for them to multitask. Have a CTA that they will use if they want more information. 

3. Single-Column templates are the best

Because mobile devices have a small display screen, multiple columns will appear crowded and this will make it difficult for mobile users to navigate. 

Using a single column to design your emails will ensure that they are compatible with many devices and the message will be clear for all to read.

4. Have an image-off strategy

Not all email clients display images in emails and therefore, you need to have an image-off strategy when designing your mobile email marketing communication. This will ensure that even if your images fail to load in a client’s email, they will still be able to get the message that you are trying to pass across. 

Of course, the images are useful marketing materials, but to ensure that you are still able to connect with your readers even when your images fail to load. Thus, an image-off strategy is a must-have.

5. Use large fonts

Mobile devices make smaller fonts even smaller and this makes it important to use large fonts when creating mobile email marketing content. Mobile users want to skim your email to get your message but they will not be able to do this when the font is small. Font sizes of 13 or 14 pixels are ideal in this case but don’t hesitate to use fonts bigger than this.

6. The CTA should be distinct

You are sending emails to prompt the readers to do something and as such, your call to action button should be clearly visible for all to see. Most marketers have their CTAs down at the bottom of their emails after large chunks of text but this is hardly effective.

On-the-go readers what you to point out exactly what you want them to do and it is for this reason why your CTA should be close to the top for the best effect. Make sure that there are no other links close to the CTA so as to prevent the recipients from getting directed elsewhere by mistake.


Many people use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to read their emails and your email marketing campaign should bear this in mind. Developing mobile-friendly emails will improve the user experience and this will increase your chances of making a conversion.

Written by
Randolph Bunnell
Email marketing specialist

Randolph Bunnell is a copywriter and marketing specialist. He has a deep interest in IT and digital marketing. Randolph also has a medical background and enthusiastic about healthcare technologies.

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