6 Ways to Surprise your Subscribers with an Interactive Email Campaign

Somewhat informative emails but fun to read messages can help you transform drilling messages into fun. The mentioned tips and tricks will help you connect with your supporters. Here are the six tips and tricks you need to follow for having an interactive email campaign.

Idrees Shafiq
Idrees Shafiq
SEO analyst
July 27, 2020

Email campaigns may seem boring, but they are an essential part of your business progress. The only way you can enlighten your clients about your updates is through these emails. All you have to do is to make sure that your clients read these emails instead of archiving them or, worse, spamming them. The truth is that clients are getting tired of random email messages. Long paragraphs in an email are not the slightest bit attractive for anyone. Then including a few pictures here and there in your emails will not make your clients read them with excitement. You will have to do more than that. Read this article if you want to learn about mobile friendly emails.

You can make this email sending process interesting for yourself and your clients by introducing the mentioned tips in your next interactive email. We assure you that by the end of this article, you will have at least six new tips rolled up your sleeves to make your emails more interactive. You can read about proofreading your emails like a pro here.

Somewhat informative emails but fun to read messages can help you transform drilling messages into fun. The mentioned tips and tricks will help you connect with your supporters. Here are the six tips and tricks you need to follow for having an interactive email campaign.

  1. Include an overview or survey
    An overview or survey is an extraordinary method to empower communication, and it's additionally a marvellous methodology to know the opinion of your subscribers and clients. You can manage an Email poll highlights to get moment criticism from your endorsers. Try using pre-composed inquiries or compose your own inquiries. You can browse various inquiry samples like numerous choices and sliding scales. You can also tweak the logo and hues to coordinate your image and insert them inside your emails. Putting a review or survey directly inside your email will make your messages additionally engaging for clients. This will assist you in getting more feedback from them and help you get long term readers. To focus on getting constant readers for your emails, click here.
    Generally, email advertisers will request that supporters round out a review and give them an option to click that takes them to a study somewhere else. In any case, numerous individuals would prefer not to make that new stride. To get a meaningful commitment from your clients, and make your messages progressively enjoyable, put a review or survey directly into your email messages.

  2. Scratch Off Cards
    You can manage an app to make virtual scratch cards for your messages in minutes, without having any graphic abilities. You can; without much of a stretch, you alter the scratch card to coordinate your image. Likewise, the app also offers various approaches to reveal bargains, including strip it, turn it, tear-it, zip-it. When it comes to the choices, the sky is your limit.
    This kind of gamification will touch off your client's interest and exceed your email navigation rates. You can use a still or GIF of the game in your email. Your clients will quickly need to click on it, and they'll be sent to your website where they can play!

  3. Make your Email Interesting to Read
    Another pointer you can add in your emails is to make them interesting to read. Normally people do not bother reading the boring emails and delete them right away. What you can do to make your emails interactive is add a few things here and there and make them creative, in this way your client will not only read it with interest, he/she will wait for further emails from you.

  4. Include GIFs or recordings
    Some GIFs or small video recording can make your email very creative. It is probably the least complicated approach to take your email advertising from dull to exciting. These GIFs will not only include an additional component of joy to your messages. Yet, you can moreover manage them to flaunt the details of your item alternately. It is said that 79 percent of shoppers favour watching videos to find out about an item.
    Along these lines, in your first interactive email, consider embeddings a video or GIF. There are apps that help you make GIFs. You can without much of a stretch, add a YouTube video to your email by just reordering if you've never made a GIF. You will learn in minutes because it is an effortless task. You can work with an app like Giphy to effectively transform your photographs or recordings into GIFs. Recordings will keep your users connected to you for a more extended time period, and GIFs make sure to astonish your clients.

  5. RSVP Emails
    If you're calling your clients to an occasion rather than merely declaring the occasion and hoping they would appear, you have to make your messages progressively spontaneous by letting them RSVP to your event straight from their inbox. You can make and send adaptable occasion welcomes in minutes utilizing intuitive squares. You can include an RSVP button directly in your email that will allow you to connect to a customized entry list. Your subscribers don't need to pay some dues to RSVP to your occasion. You additionally have the choice of including social fastens so invitees can impart the occasion to their companions. Allowing your subscribers into the RSVP directly via inbox will keep them hooked with your email in the long run, plus you'll get more attendants on your occasion. This method will increase the number of your subscribers as well as help you to spread awareness about your business.

  6. Add a game in your emails
    Gamifying your messages is a strategy that is not used more often. However, it's probably the best way you can catch and hold the eye of your clients. In-email, games are an enjoyable and engaging approach to advance your deals. The clients of any age love messing around on their gadgets, so why not let them mess around in your email advertising messages? These games can be a major part about influencing your clients and impressing them with your deal.


Once you are done reading these tips, you can now effectively transform your annoying messages into creative emails by only following these tips. Always avoid using too many exciting factors in a single email; you don't need it to be overly stuffed. However, including one of these helpful highlights in an email that you send to your clients will make your endorsers enamoured with the emails. These tips will make your clients hold up for the updates you have to offer in your future emails and see how fun your next emails will be.

Written by
Idrees Shafiq
SEO analyst

Idrees Shafiq is an SEO analyst at Research Prospect with a diverse experience in the field of digital marketing particularly at the organic end. He is also an active tech enthusiast with a will to absorb and convey acquired knowledge to the world. In his leisure time, he enjoys indulging himself in a variety of exquisite cuisines for the sake of earthly fulfillment.

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