The Next Generation of Email Marketing. Be a Trendsetter in 2021

In this article, I have outlined some simple ideas that can be implemented towards maximizing your email marketing for the future and ensuring that your brand is in sync with the latest trends (including tips to ensure that your client reads your messages regularly regardless of the volume of messages in their inbox).

James Murphy
James Murphy
Email marketing expert
April 23, 2021

Email marketing has continued to grow as a viable means of marketing, and it is not going to stop being used anytime soon. In recent years, there has been a gradual evolution in the use and application of this digital marketing form. Many more brands now depend on this form of digital marketing to continually communicate with their clients. Statistics have proven why email marketing is one of the most popular today. Litmus also reports that email marketing’s ROI is 3,800 %.

Like other forms of digital marketing, email marketing is heavily reliant on technology. Advancement and change in technology reflect on the market and inevitably causes change. As a result of this and a myriad of other reasons, it is expedient to make regular changes to your email marketing strategy. One of the major issues in the growth of email marketing is that emails are now being sent on a very regular basis. Because so many brands now depend on email marketing, most people get more emails than they can read. Getting your customers to consistently commit to your emails despite the amount of content in their inbox is a feat that requires a special approach.

In this article, I have outlined some simple ideas that can be implemented towards maximizing your email marketing for the future and ensuring that your brand is in sync with the latest trends (including tips to ensure that your client reads your messages regularly regardless of the volume of messages in their inbox).

Incorporate a Full Digital Marketing Approach

Email marketing is not the only type of marketing that bears mentioning. There is also social media marketing, content marketing, and other forms. The different forms of digital marketing, when utilized together, can enable your brand to grow by leaps and bounds. Social media marketing can be used to promote content marketing as content can be shared through a brand’s social media accounts. In the same way, email marketing can be enhanced via content marketing and social media marketing. The divisions of digital marketing are intertwined, and they work with each other to increase a brand’s awareness. Hence, in order to effectively utilize email marketing, it is expedient to incorporate all or most of the other digital marketing forms into your marketing strategy.

Spam Testing

Spam is one of the major problems that are encountered by email marketers and even email owners. In the future, it is going to be more difficult to avoid the spam filter because more marketers are using email marketing and subsequently, people always have so many emails at the same time. Spam testing is a means of checking if an email is likely to end up in the spam category of a recipient’s inbox. There are different software available for this purpose. Some of the measures you can take to avoid the spam filter are: cleaning up your email list regularly, keeping the volume of sent emails ready, quickly sending email responses to customer actions, sending emails only to those who have opted to receive your emails, and warming up your IP address.

Email Automation

The automation of the sending, receiving, and reading of emails in the nearest future is being predicted by almost every authority in the email marketing industry. It is evident that this is already playing out. Brands have to send thousands of emails to different clients on a very regular basis; this is a feat that is hardly achievable without the use of automation. Email marketing involves a lot more than sending emails to different clients or leads; it also involves segmentation and personalization of the content for different recipients and purposes. Subsequently, email marketing automation is even more important. Nevertheless, too much automation can be disadvantageous. Continuously spamming customers with automated, monotonous messages will make them lose interest in your brand very quickly. Emails should sound very natural and human in some situations; this usually depends on the subject of the email.

Be Socially Conscious

The existence of the internet has encouraged social consciousness in many ways. It is predicted that as time goes on, more people will be socially conscious. Subsequently, as a brand, it is advantageous to infuse social consciousness in their approach to email marketing. Brands can go further than including social happenings into their strategy; they can also educate their customers on the implications of certain social movements, especially if their services/products are linked to these movements.

Take Customer Preferences into Consideration

One way to ensure that you maintain your present conversions is by sending emails according to their preferences. Immediately after creating a relationship with your clients, it is expedient to give them the option of choosing the types of email they would love to see.

For new leads, there are different ways to go around the problem of unsolicited emails. One of them, as aforementioned, is simply letting them choose the kind of content they would like to view on a regular basis. Another one is focusing on inbound content marketing. One of the major goals of inbound content marketing is deciphering your ideal buyer persona. The knowledge of your ideal buyer persona will enable you to send out emails that will suit the taste and preferences of your leads. This further stresses the importance of holistic digital marketing.

Send Unique Messages

As implied above, it has become a tad more difficult to get the attention of customers and potential customers through the use of emails as a result of the number of emails sent and received nowadays. One way to ensure that email marketing works is to create very unique emails. Of course, every other brand and service provider is trying to create unique emails. Nevertheless, many of them go about it the wrong way. Some service providers send emails with provocative titles or headlines as clickbait. Apart from being offensive to some people, this approach will not work in the long run because your customers will get used to it.

Instead, work on the construction and content of your emails. It is advisable that the emails are constructed naturally and straight to the point. Also, brands should send humorous messages when possible and appropriate. In addition, emails should be documented in as few words as possible. This ensures that the recipient’s attention is sustained for as long as it takes to read the contents. There are different templates for brilliant email marketing.


There is no gainsaying that in the past year, there has been a paradigm shift in the world. We can very much predict how the world of email marketing will look by examining the events of the previous year. Being a trendsetter involves taking note of these predictions and implementing them in your digital marketing for maximum results: the future of marketing awaits.

Written by
James Murphy
Email marketing expert

James Murphy is a blogger, an email marketing expert, and a content writer. He is passionate about his work and has acquired a deep knowledge of the tech and marketing sectors. In addition to his experience, James has worked on college essay papers for several clients. When he’s not at work, he spends time with his wife and his two lovely toddlers.

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