How to Write a Winning First Email to a Potential Client

When you want to harness the power of email marketing to land a new client, it might seem like all you need to do is tell them everything about you. Surely once they hear from you they’ll find it impossible to resist paying for your products and services, right? Wrong.

Bridgette Hernandez
Bridgette Hernandez
Content editor
November 12, 2019

If you want to really make an impact with a potential client, then you’re going to need to practice the art of selling yourself in a precise and concise email. It’s all about getting your name and brand out there in as few words as possible so you maximize their impact. Get it right and you’ll notice the upturn in your fortunes almost immediately. Not sure how to make it happen? Here’s everything you need to know.

Write a subject line that gets noticed

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to spend time crafting a subject line that a) beats the spam filter, and b) makes people want to actually stop what they’re doing and take the time to read what’s inside. It’s no use having an incredible email if no one bothers to open it.
There are so many hints and tips out there about how to put together a subject line, but there are only a few tips worth reading. It’s really a matter of sticking to 5-10 words maximum, using industry-specific language, and knowing what your audience wants to hear. Once you can do these 3 things you’ll be well on your way to creating a winning subject line that will massively increase your click-through rate.

Make your greeting suitable for the industry you’re in

If your industry is highly corporate, then opening with an informal ‘Hi’ just isn’t going to cut it. And on the flip side, if your industry is more laid back and open, it’s going to look odd if you’re overly formal and tight in your language. You’re the expert in your field (which is why you think clients should be hiring you) so trust yourself when it comes to judging how to pitch your language.

Focus your first line on the needs of the reader

The first line is where you can make or break the success of your email. It’s here that you set out your stall and begin your pitch, and it’s also at this point that the reader will decide if they feel like going any further.
The secret is to talk about their needs, what they’ve been looking for, and what they could do with some help and assistance with. If you can do that from the very first line, you’ll have created a connection that they’ll value going forward.

Highlight why you’re reaching out right now

If you want to be able to really push home the offering once you’ve connected with the reader, you need to spell out why you want to reach out to them. We’re all in business to make money, that’s a given, but you’re going to need to come up with something that shows the client that you care about them as much as you do about your quarterly profits. Just make sure you don’t go over the top by being purely egalitarian, all that will do is make your message feel far fetched and insincere.

Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly

Taking the time to create mobile-friendly emails is so important, especially when you consider that the majority of people open emails when they’re on the move these days. If you want your message to be displayed crisply and clearly, and for your graphics to really help sell your services, mobile-friendly needs to be your new default option.

Add value by offering to do something, rather than trying to sell something

You’re here to offer help and advice, the fee is a secondary consideration. Make sure it’s clear to the reader that you exist purely to help make their day that little bit easier. Once you can sell them on that, they’ll be far more likely to get in touch, download, subscribe, or whatever else it is you need them to do.

Use proven copywriting techniques from day one

Email copywriting is an art form all of its own, and that means there’s no substitute for hiring a professional. They’ll be able to find the perfect style and tone to match the voice of your brand and to do it in a way that is still ultimately geared towards conversions and click-throughs. Exactly what you need if you want to take your business in an exciting new direction with a short and sweet email outreach campaign.

Have a professional check your grammar and readability

This point follows on naturally from the last, and it really is just common sense. If you want your offering to be taken seriously, you need to ensure it reads smoothly from the first word to the last.

Make sure your call to action is truly irresistible

The call to action shouldn’t be a final desperate attempt to get the reader to buy into what you’re saying. It’s actually the part where you bring everything together and make it impossible for them to resist what you have to offer.

Thank the reader for their time

A natural sign off is really important if you want to humanize your message. To people who receive dozens of promotional emails a day, the right ending can make all the difference.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve heard all of our hints and tips, all you need to do is get busy putting them into action. A new era for your business is just about to get started.

Written by
Bridgette Hernandez
Content editor

Bridgette Hernandez is a Master in Anthropology who is interested in writing and planning to publish her own book in the nearest future. Now she is a content editor at BestEssayEducation. The texts she writes are always informative, based on qualitative research but nevertheless pleasant to read.

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