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Email Marketing Strategies For A Successful Campaign

Whether you want to communicate with your customers, promote your products, or reach your business goals, outreaching is the best way to start. On average, every $1 you spend on email marketing can profit you of $51.

Here, you will find some best email marketing strategies to improve your campaign and make them powerful marketing assets.

Gloria Kopp
Gloria Kopp
October 11, 2021

Email marketing is a powerful strategy that allows you to deal with your customers directly through emails. As per the stats, 73% of marketers use email marketing to build connections and to carry a successful campaign.

Whether you want to communicate with your customers, promote your products, or reach your business goals, outreaching is the best way to start. On average, every $1 you spend on email marketing can profit you of $51.

Here, you will find some best email marketing strategies to improve your campaign and make them powerful marketing assets.

User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to connect with an audience is to attract them with your words. User-generated content is the digital version that subscribers see how you are connecting them with the brand and products. They also see whether your audiences are enjoying reading your content or not.

You can add photos, create videos and reviews in the article that makes your content readable. It also allows your readers to stay connected with your writings.

Give Value Every Time

Providing value to the subscribers is a great strategy that let them consistently open and read your emails. In fact, they will wait for the messages to land in their inbox. It will help if you build strategies around your customer's needs. For this, you should:

  • Survey customers to see what they want from you.
  • And ask subscribers to respond to your emails with ideas and opinions.


Personalize email marketing doesn't mean sending the same email to every single subscriber. But it means using customer data to create personalized emails. Amazon is a great example of personalization. According to amazon personalization, it is not a "Dear valued customer", but "Dear Mr, Kevin".

According to the stats, 70% of the brands do not use email marketing strategies. It means you stand out against the competition.

Simply, you have to address the reader by his/her name as it increases 16% higher rates of opening the email.

  • Come up with the correct information
  • Use an honest reply to your email address
  • Make sure to use the authentic signature of you

Email Segmentation

According to the email marketers, segmentation is the second on the top of the list this year. It is on the top because email marketing campaigns become much more targeted to your audience when you segment your database.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

Sending mobile-friendly emails is also a good option for you as it saves your time and effort. In 2012, 27% of email marketing opened for mobile devices, and in 2014 it jumped to 42%. And now it has reached 61%.

Today's generation has the phone next to their bed; they check their messages, calls and emails just after opening their eyes in the morning. So, it is a great option to start keeping emails on your phone as you can reply to the subscribers immediately once receiving mail.

For better results, you should know how to optimize your campaigns for mobile devices.

  • You need to implement a responsive email design
  • Keep the subject line and header shorter
  • Make the CTA big and obvious

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to experience something different with content and subject line in the same email to see what performs better.

Elements of your emails you might want to test include:

  • Links within the email
  • Content of the email
  • CTAs
  • When you send emails
  • Email subject lines

If you want to see better results, tweak only one element at a time to see what is really making a difference.

Send Emails At Your Best

An email that arrives in the day has a different open rate as compared to the emails that come at night. Analyze your clients' timing before sending them emails once you realize when your subscriber read your mail. Start sending mails at that time only. For instance, if your subscriber is online from 9 to 5, then message them at that time to get an immediate response.

“Sendinblue has a send time optimization feature that uses a machine-learning algorithm to find the best time to send an email”.

Go For The Best Subject Time

The subject line is the first thing your subscriber will see when it comes to a compelling email. If it is not convincing for the reader, they might ignore it. It is necessary to spend a lot of time while deciding on a proper subject line.

You need to consider:

  • Keep in mind the length of the subject line should be between 6-10 words
  • To use powerful and action-based words to gain attention
  • A clear body mail that is short, concise and clear for the reader. Do not talk unnecessarily because it may distract your subscriber.
  • Use subscriber's name in the subject line and while addressing them.

Create Powerful Call To Action

The call to action may affect the click-through rates of your email, as it is evident that a weak CTA means fewer visitors and fewer sales. So, it is necessary to work on your call to action.

Here you will know how to make your CTA compelling:

  • Start with the connecting words like shop, buy or download
  • Write some FOMO words like grab your seat, few seats left etc.
  • Connect with emotions.
  • Give reason to subscribers why they click your mail like buy now to get 20% off.


No doubt, email marketing is a successful approach to build connections with customers, but you should update your email marketing strategies from time to time.

In the guide, you will find some strategies that will surely give you success, and your customers will be more responsive. Your campaign will perform nicely, and the business continues to grow better. I hope this guide will be helpful for you as a reader and as an email marketer.

Written by
Gloria Kopp

Gloria Kopp is a passionate blogger from Wyoming, MI, who understands the value of good content. She works as a content executive at Postal Worker Job. Gloria also shares her thoughts and ideas on multiple platforms so that everyone can take advantage of her articles

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