Write Less, Benefits More: 7 Tips On Email Marketing To Increase Your ROI

If you are willing and ready to improve your email marketing ROI and make the most of your email campaigns, here are some tips to help boost your strategy.

Emma Coffinet
Emma Coffinet
Email marketing specialist and content creator
October 05, 2020

Of all digital marketing strategies that exist, and businesses use to target potential clients and customers, email marketing is the most affordable and effective strategy. With email marketing, you can maintain contact with your prospects and potential customers, thereby ensuring that your business can make more revenue from them.

The ROI of email marketing is very high! It is now common knowledge that you can potentially earn as high as $44 in returns for every dollar you put into your email marketing campaign. That’s a staggering 4400% ROI! So, if you haven’t been doing well with your email marketing or you are not getting anywhere near the kind of ROI that it can potentially offer you, you need to beef up your email marketing with some strategies to help you boost the ROI for your email marketing campaigns.

Seven tips to improve your ROI on email marketing

If you are willing and ready to improve your email marketing ROI and make the most of your email campaigns, here are some tips to help boost your strategy.

1. Create a segmented list

When you break down your email list to different segments, you’re able to target the email recipients better, and this has the potential to improve the results of your email campaigns massively. As a matter of fact, marketers who have tried this strategy of segmenting their email list have noticed an increase in revenue by at least 760%.

When dividing your list, there are different characteristics that you can use, such as their behavioral data, purchase history, stage of sales funnel, and demographics. It depends on which of these criteria that you think is the most important for your business. Your customers don’t want all the same things from you, so segmentation can allow you to make your marketing efforts more relevant to the individual subscribers.

2. Personalize emails

When it comes to making your email marketing effort more relevant to individual subscribers, nothing comes closer than personalizing the emails and making it more applicable to the recipients individually. It might be something little, like including the recipient’s first name in the email rather than something generic. However, you must make sure that you don’t mistake the names, so you are not addressing your subscribers wrongly in your email. That’s worse than using the generic language.

You can take this personalization up a level by setting up an automated action trigger email. For instance, if a customer buys something from your website, you send them an email to follow it up with items that complement the one they purchased.

Personalization is an effective strategy and is known to increase the click-through rates of emails and conversions by 14% and 10%, respectively. So, you need personalization if you are trying to boost your email ROI.

3. Pay attention to your email deliverability.

Your email deliverability is another essential thing that you have to pay much attention to. Are you sure that your emails get to your recipients’ inbox or are flagged as spams? This is something that you have to be sure of. Your email marketing campaign’s effectiveness depends on whether the recipients see the email at all or not.

To ensure that your emails don’t get trapped by spam filters, it’s essential that you create high-quality content and don’t use words that can trigger spam. It is as well crucial that there is an unsubscribe button somewhere at the tail of the email so that it is easy for your email recipients to unsubscribe if they no longer want to receive your emails. Otherwise, there’s a high possibility that they will report your emails as spam.

4. Find the best day to send your emails.

The engagement rates of your email can depend a lot on the day that you send it. The goal is for you to send the emails at a time or day that the recipients are likely to open it and read. To get which day is the best day to send your emails, track your email’s performance, and see the results for different days. If you are sending a business email, for instance, Monday morning is always an adequate time for that while other types of emails can work on Thursday afternoon. Your subscribers’ time zone is another thing that you have to pay attention to so that you don’t end up sending the email at a time that is impossible for them to open it.

5. Optimize for mobile

Over 50% of emails are currently viewed with a mobile device, and you can rest assured that this number can only continue rising. As a marketer, this sends a message to you that you must ensure that your emails appear great on tablets and mobile devices. This has to be a priority for you. Your recipients are very likely to delete your email and unsubscribe from your list if your emails aren’t rendered well on their mobile devices. The days when people had to sit behind a computer to do everything on the web are way past now. Mobile optimization is now vital if you want your emails to have the desired impact.

6. Using engaging subject lines

If you want your recipients to open your emails and not just abandon it in their inbox, your subject lines must be very engaging. You have to use your subject lines creatively such that the recipients can get some inviting and tempting information that makes them open the email, and in the end, they can become customers.

You have to make your subject lines short and personal. You also have to use strong verbs while giving the readers a good idea of what they will get in the email. Another way to use your subject line is to instill a sense of urgency in your recipient. This makes it easier for them to open the email to find out what’s in it.

7. Add call to actions

CallToActions are effective for making people take action, and you need to use the same in your emails so your recipient can take action after reading your email.

The use of CTA in your email can boost traffic to your website and landing pages. It helps to improve engagement and ensures that your subscribers do something on your site after reading your email. Whether you are trying to boost a product’s sale or want your subscribers to register for your upcoming webinar, CTA is a useful tool.


Email marketing provides you with all the options a business could need to attract new potential leads, but you should be ready to build an effective strategy and create a content which is specifically valuable for your target audience. I hope you will use the described email marketing strategies to boost up a ROI of your business. And of course, these strategies will help you do better if you have not been doing well enough yet.

Written by
Emma Coffinet
Email marketing specialist and content creator

Emma Coffinet is an Email marketing specialist and a content creator for essay writing services, websites, blogs, articles, white papers, and social media platforms. She is keen on capturing the attention of a target audience. She keeps herself well-read with the changing trends of the web world. Emma loves to pen down her knowledge in an engaging and simplified way. She also enjoys leading, motivating, and being part of a productive team, equally comfortable working on her own initiative.

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