What is firewall protection? How do I use it?

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What is firewall protection?

With the firewall protection, we offer our premium clients the ability to protect their sub-accounts by restricting the IP addresses which can be used to access Verifalia.

The Firewall works seamlessly for both interactive access (via our dashboard) and API access.

How to configure the firewall feature and why should you use it

The firewall feature is aimed to increase the overall security of our email validation service. In the event a sub-account becomes compromised there will be an additional layer of security which checks the originating IP address upon executing each activity for that sub-account and rejects the ones coming from an IP address which has not been previously authorized to do so.
For performance reasons, the maximum number of firewall rules is limited to 10.


Only the master account can configure the firewall settings for sub-accounts. This is what a master account will see in his/her Client Area, on the sub-account creation / editing interface:

Verifalia Firewall Configuration

Once the firewall is enabled for a specific sub-account, you will see the complete grid, along with the option to add and/or remove ranges of allowed IP addresses.

If the firewall is enabled while there are no allowed IP addresses, then the sub-account won't be able to use the service.

Verifalia Firewall Settings

How to Add a firewall rule

Here is the interface the master account will see while adding a firewall rule for a range of allowed IP addresses.

Verifalia Firewall Rules

Here you can type:

  • a rule name, which is an internal reference text for the master account (e.g. Florida branch office)
  • the IP address family - we support both IPv4 and IPv6
  • the IP address starting the range of allowed addresses for this firewall rule
  • the IP address ending the range of allowed addresses for this firewall rule

Plans availability

The Firewall feature is currently available to our Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate plans.

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