How do I manage Verifalia users (formerly called "sub-accounts")?

Verifalia offers excellent email validation results, but did you know you can create user accounts with Verifalia too? User accounts come in handy if you work on a team, or provide validation services to your clients.

Read more for an overview of Verifalia user accounts, including how to manage user accounts in your Verifalia dashboard.

What is a Verifalia user account (formerly called "sub-accounts")?

A Verifalia user account is a set of credentials you can distribute to users so they can access Verifalia either through the website or in the Verifalia API. Credentials include a user account username (SID) and password (referred to as an auth code).

When you create a Verifalia user account, you can customize user permissions. You're always free to go back and adjust settings if the situation changes.

What are Verifalia user accounts used for?

For your marketing team:

If you manage an email marketing team, you may want to give employees access so they can run validations on their own. You can create user accounts with limited permissions so users can clean lists without accessing unnecessary data such as credit balance or payment information.

For your clients:

Assign your clients' user accounts so they can validate their own email lists. Verifalia's user account features let you keep sensitive information, such as remaining balance, and other users’ activity, private.

For your development team:

Ready to integrate the Verifalia API into your website or app? Perfect! You can create user accounts for each of your developers, to integrate our secure HTTPS-based RESTful API. Assigning an individual user account to each person simplifies the workflow, so you don't need to give each person access to the master account.

How many user accounts can I have?

At Verifalia we offer a range of membership levels, so you can pick the right service depending on the size of your team. Our Starter level comes with up to five user accounts, while the Ultimate membership can accommodate teams of up to 5,000! With other plans built for every size of team in between, you really can find the right solution, no matter what your needs. Have a look at our pricing page for more details.

How do I manage Verifalia user accounts?

To add a Verifalia user account:

1. Log in to Verifalia and go to the Dashboard.

2. Select Account > Users from the Menu.

3. Click "Create a user"

4. Enter required account name (could be the same as user name), SID (a combination of letters and numbers), and create a password (referred to as an auth token in the Verifalia interface).

5. In the _Permissions _tab, check boxes for the permissions you'd like the user to have. 

6. In the Firewall tab, you can enable or disable access to this Verifalia user account from a restricted set of IP addresses only (follow our instructions).

7. Click Create to save the user account and return to your Dashboard.

To edit a Verifalia user account:

1. In the Verifalia Dashboard, click Account > Users from the Menu.

2. Choose the user account you want to modify and click Edit. You can change the SID, password, and adjust user permissions in this screen.

3. Click Save to keep changes and return to your Dashboard.

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