How do I manage Verifalia browser apps?

Verifalia offers a top quality email validation service, but did you know you can embed it on your website, web forms or front-end apps? Register your browser app (a generic term which includes all the above), copy and paste the API key and start validating email addresses on your websites and apps as easy as pie.

Read more for an overview of Verifalia browser apps, including how to manage them in your Verifalia dashboard.

What is a Verifalia browser app?

Browser apps offer an easy and safe way to integrate Verifalia with your own public website, form or complex front-end app which run in the browser (e.g. Angular/React/Vue/etc. app): they come with a fixed and extremely small permissions set which only allows to submit email validations and retrieve their results, that is perfect for people looking for verifying email addresses in a form, for example...

A browser app uses its app key (an alphanumeric code we automatically generate for you, which you can safely use on your website) to identity itself with Verifalia, similarly to how ordinary users do with their credentials.

To limit credit depletion and prevent abuse, you better adjust its firewall settings and throttling rules.

How many browser apps can I have?

Both the number of users and the number of browser apps (summed up) concur to the maximum allowed number of users for a Verifalia plan. So, browser apps counts as they were users (aka sub-accounts) on Verifalia.

For higher demands of browser apps / users you may want to have a look at our pricing page: we offer a range of membership levels, so you can pick the right service depending on your needs: you really can find the right solution, no matter your needs.

How do I manage Verifalia browser apps?

To add a Verifalia browser app:

1. Log in to Verifalia and go to the Dashboard.

2. Select Account > Browser apps from the Menu.

3. Click "Create a browser app".

4. Enter required display name (could be the same as your website URL or app name, for example).

5. Take time to modify Browser apps settings:

  • Firewall
  • Throttling

6. Under Browser apps Firewall settings, enable or disable access from a restricted set of IP addresses only (follow our instructions, these are useful both for accounts and browser apps).

7. Under Browser apps Throttling settings, edit rules to limit the email validation rate for a user, in one or more configurable timeframes. This is very important to set each time you create a Verifalia browser app. So a browser app can be allowed, for example, to submit a maximum of 3 email validations per hour per IP address, with a global maximum of 100 validations per hour.

8. Click Create to save the Browser app and return to your Dashboard.

9. Copy-paste your browser app’s App Key and start validate on your websites and/or apps.

To edit a Verifalia browser app:

1. In the Verifalia Dashboard, click Account > Browser apps from the Menu.

2. Choose the Browser app you want to modify and click Edit. You can change the Firewall and Throttling settings or regenerate your App key. Please remember that if you regenerate the App key, the previous one won’t be usable anymore.

3. Click Save to keep changes and return to your Dashboard.

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