Do I need to download and install software to use Verifalia?

You don’t need to download software to use since Verifalia is a web-based service. Cloud software, email validation SaaS (Software as a Service) - whatever you want to call it, here's the point: with Verifalia you can take advantage of industry-leading email address validation tools, all within the convenience of your browser, or through our API. You will always be updated with no extra charge!

A smart solution: email validation cloud service

Why did we choose the cloud? An increasing number of web professionals are transitioning to cloud-based applications due to the convenience, scalability, and integration features they offer. Our mission is to make Verifalia a web-based service that provides the best possible tools for email marketers and teams to clean their lists.

Along our journey we identified a few critical needs that we designed Verifalia to meet:

Peace of mind: avoid blacklisting

We validate every email address on our own server, by mimicking the communication that takes place between servers when an email is sent. Running the check on our network instead of yours protects you from the risk of blacklisting.

All you need to do is submit your lists and let Verifalia do the heavy lifting.

Anywhere access

You want the freedom to work from anywhere - home, the office, coffee shops, the airport, you get the idea. Verifalia’s web-based service can be a trusty part of your toolkit, no matter what device you’re using. Just bookmark Verifalia and get back to work whenever and wherever you need.

Cloud access means you can validate a list from your work computer and store the results in your account online. We’ll keep the data backed up so you can reference the list again later - on your home computer, or even on a mobile device.

In fact, at Verifalia we made access so simple, you can try a test validation now!

Streamlined collaboration

Our web-based service is invaluable for the times when you or your team needs to work remotely. Verifalia’s sub-accounts feature lets you give team members instant access to our validation service, regardless of location. You can easily manage user accounts from your dashboard and keep tabs on your team’s activity. Cut down on back-and-forth emails by sharing validation reports instantly and reducing clutter in your inbox.

Scalable for growth

When you’re just starting to market a product, you need some time to build a list and see what works, before investing in a robust software solution. At Verifalia we aim to accommodate teams of all sizes, which is why we offer our web-based service through a range of different plans, including the Free and Starter plans for budding businesses.

Take advantage of essential list cleaning tools while you get your feet on the ground, and upgrade later, when it’s the right time.

Seamless integration

At Verifalia our validation service is exposed via an HTTPS-based RESTful API so you can validate email addresses in your own website or app. We offer plans that come with real-time validation so you can provide a seamless experience for your users. Take advantage of free and open source SDKs for Microsoft .NET, Node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP.

With Verifalia you truly can take advantage of the most innovative email validation technology, anywhere, at any time.

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