What is an email validation pass?

Email lists help you take a pulse for your audience's needs and gather marketing data so you can keep improving. Verifalia helps ensure the integrity of that data with cutting-edge email address validation, offering plans that give you multiple validation passes.

What is an email validation pass?

Broadly defined, an email validation pass is an attempt to verify whether an email address is legitimate. However, many different methods and tools exist for conducting an email validation pass, with varying degrees of effectiveness.

The most basic email validation pass could simply check for accurate email address syntax, flagging false entries such as example.example.com or example@examplecom.

Both examples violate basic email address syntax rules, since the first example has no @ symbol, and the second has no dot in the part following the @ symbol.

In reality, plenty of invalid email addresses use correct syntax while managing to bypass simple validation techniques. Professional organizations should use a more sophisticated email validation approach. At Verifalia, checking syntax is just one component of our state-of-the-art email validation pass.

What is an email validation pass at Verifalia?

It's a multifaceted approach which checks for:

  • Accurate syntax, including support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) and mailboxes, meaning we can even validate non-ASCII email addresses
  • Role accounts
  • Domain / DNS records
  • Disposable email addresses (DEA)
  • Mail exchangers (MX) validity
  • Catch-all addresses
  • Non-existent mailboxes (including Yahoo! support)
  • Temporary unavailability
  • Honey Pot detection

Our versatile functionality ensures that most email addresses can be validated in just one pass. However, a common stumbling block for any validation service is temporary unavailability.

How does Verifalia deal with temporary unavailability?

Verifalia can test the email address again later, in what's referred to as an additional email validation pass. Addresses can be temporarily unavailable for many different reasons, such as a mailbox over quota, or mail server unavailable due to a system upgrade. It could also happen because of greylisting (or graylisting), an anti-spam technique recipient MX servers use to temporarily block communication from unknown senders.

Whatever the cause of temporary unavailability, Verifalia can keep checking automatically, so by the time you receive the validation report, the issue is already resolved.

Which Verifalia plans include multiple email validation passes?

At Verifalia we offer a range of plans with customizable features, including support for multiple validation passes. You can select a plan that meets your needs without impacting your budget.

Choose from three different quality levels:

  • Standard Quality offers Verifalia's innovative validation service with one pass per email address.
  • High Quality goes further with improved functionality including up to three validation passes.
  • Extreme Quality exceeds industry standards with superior features and nine validation passes.

Think of Verifalia as a powerful tool humming along quietly in the background, freeing up your time to focus on higher goals.

Imagine finding an address inconclusive due to temporary unavailability. You could check the address again manually, but may not have success on the second, or even the third try. Support for multiple validation passes in Verifalia's High or Extreme Quality levels will clean your list while saving you time and trouble. We perform validation passes at different intervals, and from various geographic locations worldwide to ensure optimal results.

Register now to get started with Verifalia's advanced email validation features. Browse plans or contact us for more information.

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