What is The Role of Email Marketing in an Omnichannel Strategy?

Your omnichannel approach's effectiveness depends on your email marketing approach as well because of its very high ROI. Here are some of the critical roles that email marketing plays in your omnichannel strategy.

Arthur Evans
Arthur Evans
Freelance Writer
June 17, 2021

The omnichannel strategy allows businesses to give their customers a personalized, seamless, and consistent customer experience, and it’s almost impossible to be successful with this strategy without email marketing.

With omnichannel marketing, you can reach a more significant number of people, enabling you to increase your purchase frequency and customer retention rate.

Businesses should always look to strengthen their marketing strategy. There are more platforms and channels in the digital space. For a business to thrive, marketers have to take advantage of the omnichannel approach for driving better conversations and more meaningful interactions. So marketers have to create a customer experience that is consistent and personalized no matter the platform you are using to engage your customers.

Your omnichannel approach’s effectiveness depends on your email marketing approach as well because of its very high ROI. Here are some of the critical roles that email marketing plays in your omnichannel strategy.

1. Personalized marketing

Personalized communication is the hallmark of omnichannel marketing. Your subscribers love the personal connection they feel with your brand and love the fact that you cater to their interests.

According to a survey, more than 60% of consumers in the UK and US expect brands that they patronize to send them personalized messages.

Brands need to put in the efforts during omnichannel marketing to help them understand their customer's journey through multiple platforms before making a purchase. Although the customers love the personal connections they have with brands, they wouldn't want unnecessary and irrelevant emails bugging them. So you shouldn't be too aggressive with your email marketing strategy so that they don't lose the interest they have in your brand.

With email marketing, you can send high personalized campaigns. A standard email service provider will allow you to segment subscriber data such as demographics, purchasing behavior, etc., to help you create emails specific to each subscriber.

2. Behavior-based targeting

There are many temptations that customers face during their online shopping. For instance, you could buy a clothing item and then get suggestions for many other items that can make a whole outfit. You can send emails based on their behavior, which will be triggered once they perform a specific action - say, buy a product.

Engaging your customer in this way, based on their activity on your site, will give them the feeling that you know and understand them and their needs. This will help build trust in your brand, an integral part of an omnichannel strategy.

3. Data collection

The driver behind the omnichannel strategy is data, and email marketing is vital to data gathering. The moment a customer signs up for your email newsletter, you can market your business to them better. Also, you are able to give out more information to them. However, this is not something that you should take lightly. There are countries in which you need consent to send correspondence, and doing that without consent is illegal.

Take advantage of all opportunities that you get to gather as much information you can get from every one of your subscribers. Discover the things that they like and dislike. Find out the things that they are expecting from your brand, etc. You can use all of these to your advantage. The information you gather from your customers will help you create a personalized experience for each of them to give your customers what they are looking for in your brand.

4. Improved customer experience

The best practices for email marketing change constantly, and technology has to adapt to users' preferences to remain relevant. You should think of how to create a more engaging user experience in your newsletters so that it's more fun and engaging. Add visual elements to your emails as it gives the subscribers pleasant experiences. Be sure to ensure cohesion among your channels so that the prospects and customers can get the same customer experience irrespective of the channel.

The truth is, reading newsletters can be boring. There are too many marketers with no idea how to make their emails exciting and engaging for readers. However, you must ensure that you don't overdo your emails (otherwise, you are going into the spam folder). Watch the frequency of your emails, too, and be sure they are cool with it.

5. Advanced targeting

There should be trigger points at specific parts of your website that send the email to your subscribers after completing particular actions on your website. For instance, if a customer wants to buy something from your website, you can send an email to them the following day as a follow-up to find out if they've tried out the product or if they like it.

Afterward, you can go ahead to send another email after some days if they check out other website resources. There are many ways that you can use emails to follow up on customers and keep your engagement with them. This way, you will be creating a cohesive customer experience and will have them come back to your brand and reach out through different platforms. This is what omnichannel strategy is all about.


Marketers should set goals that help them to be effective with their omnichannel strategy, and email marketing will help them do this. To create a seamless customer experience and yield high growth, you must optimize your email marketing. As important as omnichannel strategy is, email marketing is the driver, and you would struggle to find success with an omnichannel strategy with a good email marketing strategy.

Written by
Arthur Evans
Freelance Writer

Arthur Evans is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works with a community of proficient essay writers. Being interested in everyday development, he writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human existence every day. Feel free to contact him via Twitter.

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