Millennial Perspective On Email Marketing In 2021

So, what do Millennials think about email marketing in 2021? Is it what they are looking for and expecting to see from brands? The thing is, Millennials are okay with email marketing in 2021 only if it follows a few rules and it answers some of the most important needs they have.

Arthur Evans
Arthur Evans
Freelance Writer
March 25, 2021

2020 was the year that forced many businesses around the world to adapt to new living conditions. As lockdown measures were imposed, many of them were forced to make a shift: from offline to online. People did the same and started spending more time online.

And email marketing is on the rise! The number of subscribers has increased last year by up to 40%, compared with the previous year. As more and more brands have entered the online world, email marketing became an effective way to reach audiences. But is email marketing so effective as it is thought to be? Yes, but only if you do it right.

Reaching your audience is one of the brand goals of any business. They depend on customers, so they are trying new marketing techniques to increase their customer base. But as Millennials have already entered the workforce, they are changing trends on the market.

So, what do Millennials think about email marketing in 2021? Is it what they are looking for and expecting to see from brands? The thing is, Millennials are okay with email marketing in 2021 only if it follows a few rules and it answers some of the most important needs they have.

Authentic Interactions with Brands

Millennials are tired of fake interactions or brands that care only about money. This generation is more interested in genuine and authentic interaction. And it is more likely to buy from a brand that values its customers. They want something engaging, that leads to positive emotions.

If you choose to send cold emails to your subscribers, maybe most of them will open the first ones. But after they see that you still have a distant tone, they will stop opening them. This is something Millennials pay attention to because they have different values. They value friendships and ethical brands, but also sincerity and transparency. So, if your emails are positive, engaging, and interesting, for sure this generation will love them.

More Value

We all know that many businesses and brands adopt the trend of email marketing. But if you scroll your inbox, you will see that many of them are so similar and do not bring any value. Millennials are tired of seeing the same information all over again, copied and pasted in emails, and not even a single detail changed. They have grown up along with technology and had access to easy information. If they receive an email from a brand, they are looking for something new, something that shares new and updated information. For an email that brings value, that teaches them something.

Email marketing is a great retention technique many brands are using. However, as a brand, you need to bring something new to the market. Remember that everyone’s inbox is piled up with tons of newsletters and emails from brands. You need to build your email in such a way that your subscribers are waiting for the next one. This is also what Millennials are looking after: the joy of anticipation.

Personalized Emails

Email marketing can be an effective technique to attract new customers, but also make the existing ones loyal. But caring about your customers is also important, as you will see that they have different needs and expectations from your brand. However, they are brought together by you. Understanding what your customers want is essential, as Millennials are looking for personalized emails.

They want to see that you, as a brand, care about them as individuals and not as tiny parts of a larger group. How can you, as a brand, show them this? By personalizing the email you send to them. Before doing this, it is important to ask them to answer a survey to see what their expectations are. On top of this, analyze your website analytics and customer behavior. Based on all this data, you can personalize emails and answer to their needs exactly when they want you to.

As technology is developing, there are new software products that allow you to personalize emails and send them to your subscribers. Moreover, you can also schedule most of them, as email automation is gaining momentum.

No Spam Emails

It seems easy, but many brands fall into the trap of sending too many emails. This is something not only Millennials but Generation Z also, are running away from. They will later become your main customers, so earning their loyalty is important. Millennials hate to see their inboxes piling up with emails from the same brand. If they are sent more than one time per week, they are considered spam. Millennials need their space and time to make their choices regarding their lifestyle and the brands to be loyal to.

They are looking for businesses that value the environment and take concrete steps towards sustainability. Before making a decision, they need to analyze all the options so that their choice is ethical. Sending too many emails will automatically be considered spam. Opt for quality over quantity and you will earn Millennials' trust.


Email marketing is still one of the most engaging marketing techniques that increase customer retention. Moreover, it can also be used to make them loyal. But as Millennials begin to be the main consumers on the market, businesses and brands need to adapt to their needs and expectations. As long as the emails they get from you are not too many, are personalized, authentic, genuine, and bring value, they will love them. be a brand or a business that values its customers and puts a great emphasis on their needs and expectations. Email marketing can help you come closer to your customers and increase their retention.

Written by
Arthur Evans
Freelance Writer

Arthur Evans is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works with a community of proficient essay writers. Being interested in everyday development, he writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human existence every day. Feel free to contact him via Twitter.

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