How to Use Your Email List Not Only As a Monthly Newsletter?

When undertaking this process, there are endless possibilities in terms of the content that can be shared using emails. So what other creative content can be distributed using email marketing? Here are other ways of using your email list apart from sending only a monthly newsletter:

Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman
January 27, 2021

One of the primary goals of digital marketers is building and maintaining a functional email list because of the meaningful outreach that propagates from this form of marketing. After you have mastered the basics of email marketing, learning more about this outreach strategy can help optimize business growth efforts to a great extent.

When undertaking this process, there are endless possibilities in terms of the content that can be shared using emails. So what other creative content can be distributed using email marketing? Here are other ways of using your email list apart from sending only a monthly newsletter:

Industry news and research

Time and again, there are surveys, research and some important news that can be shared using email marketing. These surveys or research could directly impact the customers you’re servicing or might affect your business processes. In either case, creating compelling email marketing content can help customers by keeping them in the loop with what is happening around the world. You can find a brief way to include it in a short email with data and statistics backing up the message you’re trying to get across.

Promotions and membership coupons

People on the email list that you have built are most likely part of a virtual community supporting the product or service offerings you’re making available. Sometimes it could be previous customers interested in being part of your loyalty program and getting rewards.

Either way, you can use email marketing to share promotions and membership coupons that could be designed for discounts or other incentives. You can make the promotion email look visually aesthetic and use urgency to drive sales up. This can be done by including, offer valid while stocks last, or setting a deadline for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the people in your email list might not be fully aware of the products or services you are offering. Others might not know how to use those products or services and need some guidance. To help them out, sending through an email detailing all the frequently asked questions, you can excite the audience a little bit more.

The digital marketing head tells us that there are different ways to tackle this. One of those ways is by sending an FAQ monthly or to every new person who has just subscribed to the email list. Alternatively, if the FAQ is related to a particular product or service, consider sending it to that specific email list only.

Upcoming and past webinars

Webinars are a great way to share content with customers that allows you to meaningfully engage with a wide audience. If you constantly host webinars, sharing the link using email if it is free can be beneficial to have a widespread audience. You can also share content promoting the webinar to build up excitement before it takes place.

If you have some past webinars to share with the audience, using email lists can be very rewarding. You can choose what type of webinars to share and when to do so at your convenience. More people can watch the webinar and that strengthens the virtual community you have built.

Behind-the-scenes action of your company

Running a marketing team can get you so busy that you’re forgetting other teams in the company. These teams could be directly adding value to customers' lives and could have great stories to tell about doing what they do.

To share these stories, you can use email marketing and they could be personal or about the entire team collectively. For example, you might share a story about a certain employee and how he got where he is now. Alternatively, you can share a story about the challenges that the team faces to provide a service or product to customers.

Marketing blog posts

If email marketing directly features in your sales funnel, you should know better than just using merely as a newsletter. Perhaps if you would like to get more traffic on the blog you’re managing and from there move the audience to an online shop, marketing the blog is necessary.

What better way to market blog posts than using email marketing? You can get a template that allows you to feature in some teasing content that drives potential customers to the blog. When doing this, optimize subject lines and the general appeal of the email to get better results in terms of clickthrough rates.

How-to recommendations and tips

If you would like to share more interactive content than just FAQ lists to help customers understand your products more, how-to tips are the best option. These tips are more interactive and immersive because they practically show customers how to use your products or services.

As a result, sales might increase because potential customers might see how the products or services you are selling benefit them. You can either write a blog post and share it using email marketing or draft emails with how-to content from scratch. Add some images to make the content look more appealing and also serve as a guide on how to practically use the tips you are sharing.

Invitations to corporate events

Some companies host annual galas, industry awards and might have product launches frequently. If you are in a company that does this, consider using email marketing to get the word far and wide about them. Send a professional and visually-aesthetic email to people in the email list inviting them to the event and sharing a snippet of the program. Highlight who will be attending the event, what will be going on and the reason why they should attend. This can be done for both paid and free events whenever a maximum turnout is required.

Contests and competitions

Competitions and contests are a great way to make customers market the brand to their friends and family. You can get better results if you are sharing the contests you are running both on social media and email marketing. The users from your email list have shown an act of good faith by subscribing to newsletters. To make this relationship more benefitting, you can ask them to refer friends or families to get a certain prize or discount.

This helps if the individuals subscribed on the list you have built are not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or don’t follow you on these channels. As a result, sharing contests and competitions on email marketing helps maximize the outreach of the campaign you are running. It can also get you more sales and contribute to meeting sales targets that have been set for yourself.

The bottom line

Marketing teams have the ability to optimize their marketing efforts by using their email lists to the full. You can use your email list to share industry-specific news and research that impacts the customers on the email list. Alternatively, you can share promotions or market recent blog posts that you’ve made. At the same time, email marketing can help maximize the audience reach of the webinars you have hosted.

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