How Hiring a Content Writer Boosts Your Email Marketing Strategy

Marketing through Emails has advantages that surpass the benefits of other channels like social media. The services of a content writer can help you tap into email advertising better in several ways.

Joshua Sharp
Joshua Sharp
Professional writer and blogger
February 16, 2021

Recent studies show that customers who choose to purchase because of a marketing email they received are probably going to spend 138 percent over the customers who didn’t get an email. The report further says the pace of profits received from marketing by email is estimated to be 4,400 percent.

Marketing through Emails has advantages that surpass the benefits of other channels like social media. The services of a content writer can help you tap into email advertising better in several ways.

You get targeted subject lines

Despite the statistics that show a good return on investment from email marketing, there are hundreds of marketing emails that get trashed daily even before the recipient reads them. Trashed emails will prevent you from getting new clients with email marketing. There are various reasons why an email recipient would trash your marketing email.

Deceptive headlines: The email recipient is likely not to open your marketing email if the subject line looks deceptive. Subject lines like ‘Run- you must grab this now!’ or ‘It’s now or never...’ are likely to look deceptive to the recipient and could be trashed immediately.

Pressuring subject lines: Your email marketing headline could read as if it’s putting pressure on the recipients so that they read it. Subject lines like ‘open now before it’s too late’ is a pressuring subject line and can end up being trashed.

Clueless subject lines: This is a subject line that does not give the reason why you have sent the marketing email. If the recipients can’t comprehend why they should ready your email, there will be no reason enough to open it.

Considering the above points, your marketing email subject line must be to the point and convincing to the recipient if they are to open it and read it. Hiring a content writer will help you overcome the obstacles of subject lines.

You get the right content

The correct content in marketing through email can give exceptional yields on investment. Your headline could have the correct features yet fizzle in the substance.

Around 75 percent of individuals who get your email advertising messages won’t open them. Out of the individuals who open them (25%), 95 percent won’t peruse your promoting email.

There are a few several reasons for these outcomes:

Wrong substance: One motivation behind why your advertising email will get opened is the correct title. Generally, the reason behind why the person won’t peruse the email is the substance in the body. Your advertising email content should be per your title.

Absence of significant worth: The substance of your promoting email should benefit the recipient. If it doesn’t meet this measure, the recipients may open it yet not read it. Your writer will assist you with getting the right, significant substance for your email promotion.

There are a few components you should consider when working at the correct substance for your email.

Demographics: your email marketing content must target the right demographics. If you are marketing sports shoes, your demographics could be the school-going population of between 15-22 years.

Official and non-official: you could be email marketing for staff uniforms. If you send your email to a homemaker, it might never be read. There must be a clear distinction between email for office and emails for non-official clients. Hiring a content writer will ensure you the right content.

You receive varying ideas

Market trends are affected by several factors and they keep changing with time. The marketing ideas that were applicable a decade ago could no longer be applicable now. With that in mind, you must keep advancing in ideas to go with the current time and maintain relevance to your target market. You could be marketing the same product, but a change of ideas will give you better returns.

Change in the market is affected by several things:

Seasons: different products are consumed at different seasons. It might prove difficult to sell cold drinks in winter or heavy jackets in summer. You can sell thousands of Christmas gifts during the Christmas season and hardly any in June. Your content writer can give your ideas on what to sell according to seasons.

Trending fashion: Trending fashion could be any item or service that people are buying more as compared to other goods or services. You can get email marketing content that is trending if you hire a content writer because they mostly write for several people and niches.

Consumer behavior: As consumer behavior changes, there is always a need to change with the trend. If consumers are spending more, use content that helps them spend more. If the consumers are spending less, have content that will help spare some dollars and buy from you.

Increased email lists of clients

The speed at which your list of clients grows is dependent on your email marketing strategy. One of the reasons why people will not read your marketing emails is when you send unsolicited emails. The primary purpose of email marketing is to build a pool of new and returning clients to keep your business growing.

Your hard work and efforts could get wasted if you continue sending unsolicited emails. There are several benefits you receive when you gain a larger pool of clients through email marketing.

**Solicited emails: **Solicited emails are emails that your potential clients receive because they asked for them or, in other words, they permitted you to send them marketing emails. Before the client permits you to be sending marketing emails to them, your initial wooing emails must be attractive with a high level of possible convincing. When you hire a content writer to write your email marketing content, you can be sure to get convincing content that will make clients add you to their list of incoming mails.

More read emails: With a list of clients who know of your existence and integrity of your email marketing campaigns, you will be sure that your emails will be read by most of the recipients. The advantage of this is a higher conversion rate and greater deals.

Reaching the right target: Mostly, your list of accepted email lists will be from your target market. With the right target, your confidence will grow as well as your business. Your content writer will help you by writing the right content to help you build a larger list of email addresses for your email marketing.

You get the right lead magnets

The options you have to get people to read your emails and respond are many. Content writers are experienced in the field and when you hire one for your email marketing content, you benefit from several options to attract clients.

Lead magnets are tools that pull your potential client to sign up for your marketing emails or become regular readers of your marketing emails. The cost of creating the lead magnet must be as minimal as possible, yet have the ability of high conversion rate. Some of the qualities of a good lead magnet include:

  • Relevance: It must provide relevance to your email audience.
  • Lead to action: Once your lead magnet is read, the person who reads must be convinced enough to take action and sign up.
  • Easy to understand: For the email audience to consume your email content. The content must be short, precise, and to the point.
  • Availability: Once people read your email, the options for the action you offer them must be available at that very moment before they change their mind.
  • Noticeable: Use a product or service that people can easily be noticed in your email marketing campaigns.

The tools your email marketing content writer can prepare are as follows:

  • Electronic books (e-books)
  • Case studies and papers
  • Coupons
  • Free webinars

You get the right keywords

Apart from SEO ranking with keywords, the same principle is applicable in your email marketing. When marketing physically, your audible sales story helps you make a sale by using the right words. Your email marketing content must have the right keywords if you want to make sales and build a large pool of clients.

The words written in the content must be crafted in a way that the reader gets the right words and become convinced to take action. If you are selling a camping tent, you must use the right words that shall convince the person reading to buy the camping tent even if they don’t need one at the moment.

Hiring a content writer for your email marketing will help you get the right keywords for your content. The writers are knowledgeable on SEO and will use the same knowledge to deliver to you content full of keywords that will convince them to take action. When the recipient of your emails takes time to read them and act, your business growth potential will increase rapidly.


Email marketing is one of the best known to have the highest rate on the return of investment. If you work closely with a content writer in your email marketing, the likelihood of greater business growth can be achieved. Through email marketing, you will be sure to zero into a specific target market and you will save your energies for more email marketing leads. The right content with the right heading will work best for your email marketing.

Written by
Joshua Sharp
Professional writer and blogger

Joshua Sharp is a professional writer and blogger from Oxford, who is working as a journalist in a local college-paper and as a research paper writer for academic service Other than his work, he loves to travel, meet new people, explore different cultures and connect socially.

He runs a blog covering topics like media, art, public relations and different news. He also has a deep interest in psychology and loves counseling children to help them achieve academic goals.

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