How Email Marketing Can Improve Your Content Promotion

You can use email marketing to promote your content and also build loyal audiences. The question is, how do you do this? This article discusses the correlation between email marketing and content promotion.

Charlie Svensson
Charlie Svensson
Freelance Writer
September 20, 2021

There are different marketing strategies that digital marketers employ to win over more people to their customers, make more sales, drive traffic, increase brand awareness, etc. While it's essential to continue to use all of these strategies, two of these strategies stand out. These are email marketing and content marketing.

The best attributes of these strategies are how they complement themselves perfectly. As a digital marketer, you need to be able to create compelling content for your email newsletter and your email marketing. Also, no matter how well your content is, if you're poor at email marketing, you won't be able to capitalize on your content.

The best way to leverage both content plus email marketing is to be very good at both of them.

One of the best ways to do it is through email marketing when it comes to promoting your content. Many digital marketers will agree that you can use email marketing to increase the reach of your content, engage others, and have more impact on marketing. It is also the best method to secure leads and nurture your audiences.

You can use email marketing to promote your content and also build loyal audiences. The question is, how do you do this? This article discusses the correlation between email marketing and content promotion.

1. Determine your subscriber's preference using email surveys

Knowing what people want is very difficult, even in the face of numerous data. If you have difficulties interpreting the data you have, you can ask your email subscribers about it. You can easily get them to your site and break the initial ice by sending them a welcome email. Once you're done with the introduction, ask the new subscribers the kind of content that they expect from your brand. It would be best to ask how frequently they wish to get emails from you per month. With the information you get directly from your subscribers, your content marketing will be more effective and improve your content promotion.

2. Divide your email lists into segments

The truth is not all your subscribers are interested in all the different emails that you have to send. In the same way, they won't all be interested in all your content. To increase the effectiveness of your content through email marketing, you should divide your email subscribers into segments based on their preferences. Your email and the content in it have to be tailored to the receiver. Making your content relevant to your audience would give you higher open rates and click-through rates. Also, very few people would unsubscribe from your email newsletter.

3. Retarget the audience and experiment with your subject lines

If you're running email campaigns for promoting your blog post, not all your email subscribers are likely to read your email or even open it. In fact, on average, the open rate for emails is 17.8%.

For your other email subscribers, you should retarget them with the same content in your newsletter. What you need to do is to change your subject line. This will help to improve the click-through rate and open rate of your newsletter. You will be able to generate more traffic, visits, engagement, and clicks on your websites and blog posts.

For instance, you could send an email to 12,000 subscribers, and only about 1,000 of them open the email. You can launch a different email campaign to retarget those that didn't open it using another subject line but the same content. Another set of subscribers will open the content, and you have more people added to the initial 1000.

Once you determine the content on your website that you want to promote through your email, you should add a link to your email that takes your email subscribers to your website. If there is any content on your website that you are looking to link with your email, then you should add a call to action.

5. Use a clear and strong call to action.

A big mistake you will make in your email marketing is not to include a clear and strong call to action in your emails. The goal of your call to action or what you are trying to achieve doesn't matter. Whether you want your subscribers to call your number, drive traffic to your page, ask for form submissions, etc. It's important that your readers can identify what you want them to do within 5 seconds of seeing your link. If they can't determine what you want from them, they will likely delete your email. When you are designing your emails for your marketing campaign, you should test them with your friends, spouse, etc. Let them see the email and watch if they can determine what you want them to do.

Apart from your call to action link being identifiable, you must make sure you are strategic about it. Be sure that your CTA is specific and compelling so that you don't sound cheesy. Also, make sure that the link fits into the context of your content.

6. Encourage social media sharing.

Another exciting way for you to make your content more valuable is to make sure that it reaches many people. You can do this by telling the email subscribers to share your content on different social media platforms. The people that subscribe to your email list already have some loyalty to your brands and would be more willing to share your content on social media. Sharing your content with their family and friends will make it easier for you to get more followers and loyal people to your brand. You can make this sharing easier for your subscribers by adding social media share buttons to your email.


Marketing is different today than it was some years back. You shouldn't focus on just one marketing channel to reach your audience. Audiences tend to move across different platforms searching for information, so using a multi-faceted marketing approach is the best strategy. In this case, integrating email marketing and content marketing strategies is the way forward. This will help you to leverage both channels and use them both in the best way.

Written by
Charlie Svensson
Freelance Writer

Charlie Svensson is a fast, engaging freelance writer and a member of the content creation group called Assignment Writers Australia with 2 years experience. Skilled in content writing and blogging. The favorite topics of his posts are education, digital marketing, SEO, social media, business, and self-growth. Great set of skills to reach diverse audiences. Apart from writing, Charlie enjoys traveling and exploring foreign cultures.

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