Everything About Creating The Best Subject Line To Get Clicks

How do recipients decide whether to open an email? Their decision depends on the subject line of the message. How to create a gripping one?

Nancy P. Howard
Nancy P. Howard
April 06, 2021

Email marketing is an effective communication channel. According to HubSpot, over 90% of Internet users use email every day, and 59% admit that emails influence their purchasing decisions. How do recipients decide whether to open an email? Their decision depends on the subject line of the message. How to create a gripping one?


One of the most effective email promotion tricks is addressing media events to draw attention to your company. But it is an essential thing to understand that news quickly becomes off the subject. So it is necessary to respond to the event and create a letter with a relevant headline within one or two days.

Use the "Fear of Missing Opportunity" Technique

The psychological feature that a person almost cannot resist is the fear of missing an opportunity. You can take advantage of this in your subject lines. For instance, add the connotation of scarcity based on the limitation of something or urgency caused by running out of time.

Subjects with time-sensitive words such as "urgent," "emergency," "important," or "notice" have been shown to increase email opens rates. Look through the following examples:

  • “Oops, your prescription is about to expire”;
  • “You're missing out on bonuses”;
  • “[URGENT] You have ONE DAY to watch this…”;
  • “You won’t be able to join this class in ONE HOUR”.

This psychology trick can help you come up with the best possible subject line for your email.

Personal Interest Trick

Subjects involving a personal interest are your bread and butter. You should use them as much as possible. They are straightforward and carry benefits that the reader will only get if they open this letter.

It is the most widespread technique to draw the attention of people. This is very simple, concise, and clear: if you open the letter, you will immediately learn how to do something. Eye-catching? For sure!

Make Them Curious

People have a pretty reasonable and inherent desire to bring something that they have started to an end. You can use this by leaving an understatement in the email subject so that subscribers are interested in the plot twist. Of course, the recipient can only be satisfied by opening the letter.

To illustrate, you can hook the users by promising something using a stylistic device like hyperbole. On the other hand, you can simply mention something unusual. Look at the next suggestions:

  • “Last day to find out what this secret letter is about”;
  • “10 weird habits that make you smarter while you sleep”;
  • “Take a look at my hot selfies [photos]”;
  • “Is this the most well-paid job in marketing?”.

Undoubtedly, if you have some imagination and your product or offer can translate similar wording, you can take advantage of it. It is a technique that motivates the user to reveal their secret, solve the riddle, and clarify the understatement. As you can see, there are millions of options to choose from.

Add Question

The principle of this technique is based on the fact that the user wants to know the answer. For example: “Where to go this winter?” or “ Where to spend my Christmas vacation?”.

Note that it is drastic that the title should be relevant and meet the requirements of your subscribers. It is unlikely that in June, someone wonders where to go this winter. However, as the season approaches, it becomes more and more relevant.

Spice It Up

Provocative and outrageous lines can really work out. Your task is to create a headline that will evoke an emotional reaction from the user and make him or her open the letter. For example:

  • “Why do you need a site if it doesn't sell?”;
  • “Don't read books. It’s pointless!”.

Sometimes, such subject lines are absurd, and you are ready to argue with them. But before starting to do this, you must first read the letter. So the email title task is complete.

Joke Is Always A Good Idea

Engage your subscribers with a little catchy joke in a subject line. Indeed, have you ever read such a subject line that stirred up your sense of humor, but you never opened it? Though, to come up with an appropriate and catchy joke takes a little more ingenuity and creativity. Nevertheless, it can pay off in terms of email opens rates.

This is what can make your potential customers laugh:

  • “Where To Drink Right Now (posted at 6:45 am Wednesday)”;
  • “Try to avoid these 27 people on the New Year's Eve” (lifestyle blog);
  • "We love being used” (job search portal).

Create A Need

"Do you love to buy things? Cosmetics?", "Do you adore...?" If you're buying or selling something, there is no better way to get the attention of your customers! By offering your services, products, or goods already presented in the subject line, your main task is to interest the reader so that he or she simply cannot ignore such a message.

Mention Their Self-Reverence

The simple truth is that people want to be liked. They want to be accepted and respected by others. We are like this, and it is okay.

  • “How far have you advanced since third grade?”;
  • “Anti-Aging Beauty Maintenance Techniques”;
  • “Get ready. Keep the pie away from your toned thighs”;
  • “The way you shouldn’t dress in 2021”.

This is why some of the most catchy topics appeal to vanity to get the recipient to open the letter. For the sake of this effect, you can either promise something that will make the subscriber look better than the others. Or vice versa, make him or her believe that it will cause fear of disgrace.

Straightforward Offer

If you are not sure, keep your topic line simple and straightforward. Contrary to what you might think, this “boring” subject-matter can eventually work out.

Benefit your subscribers in all emails. This is the key point. Never send emails if you have nothing important to say. Keep your message valuable. If you do this, you will make your subscribers open it no matter what the subject says.

Email marketing is an effective Internet marketing tool that does not require significant financial investments. At the same time, it works great to increase sales and form a pool of loyal consumers. An email newsletter allows you to virtually conduct direct communication with your target audience and receive feedback.

Written by
Nancy P. Howard

Nancy P. Howard has been working as an editor at guest posting service Adsy for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and marketing.

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