Best Hacks for Writing Email Marketing Copy that Converts

Your goal when crafting emails copies for marketing is to showcase the unique qualities of goods or services you offer. Here are the best hacks to help you increase your customer conversion rate.

Adrian Lomezzo
Adrian Lomezzo
Freelance Writer
July 07, 2021

Do your email marketing campaigns earn you reasonable return on investment (ROI)? Have you succeeded in building a massive email contact list? Do your email marketing copies generate leads from your marketing channels?

As a business, you need to invest time and effort in building a sizable lead list. From there, you can use email marketing copies to nurture these leads through the business' sales conversion funnel.

Many business owners struggle with email marketing because they have no idea what makes an email marketing copy that converts. Email copywriting is a digital marketing skill every business owner ought to learn. Email marketing aims at targeting prospective customers and converting them to loyal buyers.

You need a persuasive email copy to convince a prospective customer that your business is the right one for them. An email that compels prospective customers to take action is the first step towards earning new customers.

How do you ensure that you include content that catches your prospective customers' eyes the minute they open your email? You want to make sure that the email outline encourages them to read to the end.

Your goal when crafting emails copies for marketing is to showcase the unique qualities of goods or services you offer. Here are the best hacks to help you increase your customer conversion rate.

1. Write for your Segments

The key to writing an email copy that converts is to target a specific audience. Rather than sending the same email copy to every prospective customer on your email contact list, create segments of prospects who have the same interests.

Segmenting the email contact list ensures that you earn more click throughs. Email marketing cannot work if you use a one-fits-all strategy because your target audience is diverse.

Use your specific marketing campaign objectives to determine the content each segment on your email contact list would be interested in. Here are categories you can use to divide your email contact list:

  • Industry/ Interest
  • Source of lead
  • Demographic
  • Sales funnel drop off
  • Contest participation

When you're writing email marketing copies, you need to think like your customers in order to get them right. What would your customers want to hear from you? Brainstorm the needs and wants of customers in each segment to write insightful email copies.

Think about what would motivate prospective customers to buy from you. Customers will likely ask questions like:

  • Which business is sending me this email?
  • What response are they hoping for?
  • How do I benefit from this business?

When you put yourself in your customers' shoes and find suitable answers to these questions, you'll have an easy time writing engaging email copies. Ensure that the content in the body of your emails is tailored to connect with customers in each segment.

2. Personalize your Emails

Every time you're working on your email marketing campaign, bear in mind that you're not the only business sending emails to individuals on your email contact list. Many other businesses have these same email addresses on their email contact list.

Personalizing your emails ensures they stand out from all the other emails your prospective customers receive. Remember to include the customer name in every email you send so that they know it is meant for them.

A prospective customer is more likely to open an email if you refer them by their name. Even if they know it’s a marketing email, this small detail deepens your lead nurturing by increasing trust and the motivation to read through the email and take action.

To take email personalization further, send the email from an individual rather than the company and include the sender's first name. Email marketing is an effective way of communicating directly to your potential buyers.

3. Be personal in your emails

Being personal in your marketing emails helps you build a solid foundation for good business-customer relationships with all the leads you're nurturing. Ensure you write all the email copies in second person to make your content conversational and engaging. Giving emails a tone of friendliness makes your brand approachable and this encourages prospective customers to take action.

Use clear and inviting language so your prospective are not confused about your message. You want to ensure that each prospective customer that reads your email copy feels special. When you're personal, you give prospective customers the impression that you care about them and would do everything to secure their best interests.

Ensure you always use plain language to ensure everyone on your email contact list understands your message. Avoid using unnecessary vocabularies and industry jargons because some people might not know what they mean.

Keep corporate talk out of your email copies and make them as social and engaging as possible. Imagine that you're talking to a friend you're fond of; the goal should be to connect with potential buyers via email like you would foot traffic customers.

4. Match the Subject Line with the Email Copy

A day will not end before your potential buyers receive spam messages that have catchy subject lines that don't match the content of the email. As a business, you want to ensure you separate yourself from such emails by always ensuring your subject lines matches the content in all the emails you send out.

Hyping up customers with a juicy subject line only to disappoint them with a body that has unrelated content will not help your gain more customers. Your potential buyers are on the lookout for businesses that can keep their promises. To nurture trust, you have to be reliable and dependable from the beginning. Prove to prospective customers that you're a trustworthy business by sending relevant emails.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain new customers. Learn how to write email copies that convert so as to increase your customer base. Write personalized emails that gives your target audience relevant information and the motivation to take action.

Written by
Adrian Lomezzo
Freelance Writer

Adrian Lomezzo is an experienced freelance writer who has devoted his vocation to marketing and offering essay writing help online service to students. Aside from writing insightful articles to help companies improve business performance, he also teaches students to get new skills in this field. He also enjoys touring the world and sees travelling as his second way to recognize the world. Adrian is so glad to make readers happy with tips and innovations related to marketing.

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