12 eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices to Improve Campaign ROI

In our article today, we have discussed 12 eCommerce email marketing practices to improve ROI.

January 20, 2021

Email campaigns can turn around the business structure and improve campaign ROI drastically. Email is known to deliver the highest return in a given amount of time. The trend has become widely popular in the past couple of years, and it is gaining immense importance over time. Why? Simple because it works! According to a survey conducted by eMarketer, email marketing is known to provide an ROI of 122%!

This is more than 4 times compared to any other digital marketing channel. With such promising statistics, companies are inclined towards developing their email marketing platforms and are willing to invest too.

In our article today, we have discussed 12 eCommerce email marketing practices to improve ROI.

1. Segment your Audience

If you are planning an email marketing venture, then the first thing that you need to do is segment your audience. Create buyer personas for your targeted audience and define which market segments are most likely to purchase your products and services. For example, you can segment your audience according to the location of your business, buying preferences of the customer, the frequency of their subscription, etc.

2. Frequency of Emails

Speaking of frequency, the frequency with which you sent your emails is an important factor too. Sending out emails is a great way to communicate with your customers but try not to send out emails to the extent that it gets annoying. Imagine receiving emails from the same brand 2-3 times in the same week. You or anyone, in that case, would end unsubscribing, and that is not something that you want for your brand!

3. Welcome Emails

Customers love to feel valued. If you can make your customers feel valued and that too in a personalized manner, then what can be better than that? Sending out welcome emails upon a customer's sign up is a great way to interact with your new customers. You can also send them out to leads who have the potential of becoming buying customers in the future.

4. A Creative Subject Line

If you don't use a catchy subject line in your email, your email will most likely be left unopened. Therefore, think long and hard on the subject line before you send out an email. A creative subject line can be either a question, a brief description of the benefit you are providing to your customer, a personalized statement for the recipient, or even a catchy phrase. Your email campaign is dependent on it!

5. Sending Out Test Emails

Sometimes when you are composing emails, it is not possible to view the email as it would be sent to the user, especially through the mobile view. This is why you need to send out test emails to yourself and your team. Most email automation tools are equipped with this feature.

6. Value Addition

Ask a business owner you should always be asking yourself what value are you giving to your customer? Referral programs through email marketing can improve interaction with the audience and create a chain of customers that value your business. You can offer these customers different discount codes, vouchers, etc.

7. Be Creative!

Once your customer receives an email from you, they should have enough interest in your brand that they would want to open your email ASAP. Make them feel valued and never let them regret their decision to subscribe to your email services. The content you provide to them should be enjoyable and worthy of their time. If you are unable to provide them with value, then it's time to revise your marketing strategy and create a new business plan for your brand!

8. The Power of User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the content that is created by real users. Naturally, having content on your webpage or your social media platforms that is generated by users is bound to develop trust among your customers, and they will be more convinced to purchase from you.

9. Using Visually Appealing Graphics

Sending out well-designed emails is bound to help you score better in front of your customers. Choose graphics, images, and videos that stand out and would look appealing in a web browser as well as in the mobile view. However, at the same time, do make sure that it is also easy to understand. There is no point in sending out an email with stunning graphics, but overall it doesn't make any sense.

10. Track your Email Campaign

So you have sent out an email, now what? Just like any marketing campaign, the next part of an email campaign is to track the results through a marketing tool. There are plenty of marketing tools available online nowadays, and the good thing is they don't have to cost an arm and a leg. By tracking your emails, you can further analyze the psyche of your customers and understand situations like why they were not able to complete a purchase.

People usually unsubscribe from email services that promote their products and services. This is a major reason why people unsubscribe from email services. Try to incorporate brand advertisements in subtle yet creative ways. You can add a signup button at the end of the email without making it too obvious. Additionally, you can offer your customer discount codes, personalized offers, etc.

12. Review Your Marketing Strategy

Once you have formulated your entire marketing strategy, then it is time to review it thoroughly. Revising your marketing strategy daily is extremely important. This is because marketing trends change every single day, and it is important to be aligned with the latest trends and practices.

Key Takeaways

The above practices are some of the most well-known practices in the email marketing industry. These practices are the most popular ones, and if you are planning to establish your email marketing campaign, then this is where you need to start! The best thing is there are tons of tools available online that will help you steadily grow your ROIs through email marketing.

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