10 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Content

Some businesses wonder why their email marketing strategy only received a few positive responses. After seeing a lot of promotional emails, we realize the cause comes from its content: it is time to begin with new email marketing content ideas and improve your sales with the suggestions included in this article.

Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren
SEO specialist
April 25, 2022

It is hard to deny the advantages of email marketing for small businesses and even big corporations. Before knowing how to improve the email content, I want to let you know about some positive factors of your email marketing strategy for increasing revenue.

Promote sales

Promoting sales is the target that all businesses want to reach in any marketing strategy. According to a study by Marketing Week, email can bring 29 billion dollars in sales for a retail business annually. This strategy allows clients to buy your goods whenever they want. Thanks to the impressive call to action, it is an opportunity for your entrepreneur to boost sales. promote-sales.jpg

Save cost on advertising

Why do small businesses and even big corporations use email marketing to reach customers? That is because of its cost-saving feature! Interestingly, promotional email requires a lower cost compared to other marketing strategies. You can attract customers with a few clicks by automatic specialist software.

Easy to start

Unlike other strategies, email marketing does not require a big team or many delicate techniques to be successful with it. Instead of making fancy-looking emails, you should create plain text emails with bonuses to attract customers' interest. Sending emails is easy, so you can conduct all your strategies just by yourself.

Reach many customers

As you can see, many people use email for their work and other contact activities. Thanks to a large number of users, this is an ideal opportunity for you to improve the conversion rates for regular and potential buyers. However, to avoid the discomfort of customers, you should draw up a plan before implementing this strategy to get the results you wish.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Content?

Luckily, I have found 10 ways to enhance the quality of your email marketing content. Which one makes you concerned? Continue reading to find out what you should notice in the email’s inside information.

1. Write an attractive subject line

If you're looking for a way to make your promotional email content more appealing, focus on the subject line first. The subject line is the single line that customers can see when they receive your email. A good subject line will make customers open your email and bring better results to your strategy. subject-lines.jpg About its importance, a study shows that 64% of recipients decide to open emails because of attractive subject lines. Some examples of subject lines that you can check and get inspiration from:

  • “Need a day at the beach? Just scratch n’ sniff your way to paradise…” (Travelocity).
  • “Don’t Open This Email” (Manicube)
  • “Don’t wear last year’s styles.” (Guess)
  • “Hey, forget something? Here’s 20% off.” (Bonobos)

2. Know your target audience

It is essential to identify your target customers to know what you will focus on and write to meet their demands. Use analysis tools on your websites and social media to understand your customers' exact demands. When you orient them to what they need, they will want to make a click on your email next time. audience.jpg

3. Choose the right words

It is better to see some promotional email examples before preparing emails for any campaigns. Moreover, reading them also helps you build creative ideas for the content you will write. Here are some factors that you should consider for good content:

  • Use words that are easy to understand.
  • Draw a picture for clients to imagine via words.
  • Encourage readers with a powerful call to action.
  • Don't exaggerate your product or service. Bring real benefits to build credibility with customers.

4. Align the subject line and the inside content

align-subject-line.jpg Avoid the situation where the subject line is not relevant to the inside content. Why should you notice that? It shows the professionalism of your business. For instance, if new readers click on your email and see unrelated information, they won't want to see any email from that business again and report it as junk mail. That is why you need to align all information and ensure everything is good to improve click-through rates.

5. Do not ignore the call-to-action

It will be a big mistake to ignore the call to action in the content. As I said, a powerful call to action will improve the conversion rate of clients. In addition, customers do not have time to read long emails, so try to emphasize new offers or benefits to clients. Another tip for you is to let customers know what to do to receive the offer, such as accessing your website or contacting you to place an order.

6. Attract customers with benefits

Many businesses wonder why their email marketing results are not as good as expected. The problem can come from the referral content. There's nothing to make customers desire to open your marketing emails if there aren't any benefits. benefits.jpg

7. Be personal in email marketing content

Remember to personalize the inside information of advertising emails. To be more specific, you should categorize customers to know what you should send to them. Regular users of a website might feel confused or uncomfortable when receiving an email to encourage them to register an account on this website. So, you can consider preparing suitable content depending on each type of customer in your research.

8. Give clients the “second option”

second-option.png If possible, let customers know more choices that you can provide for them. For example, travel agents always give customers other options to expand their ability to promote their revenue. In addition, this way also helps you find potential customers and understand which option is best to continue pushing.

9. Think about using psychology in the content

Using psychological factors is also a method to increase the click rate in an email marketing strategy. Use the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor to your advantage when introducing offers to customers. That means you will limit the usage time of that discount to encourage clients to buy your goods. Another is the call-to-action, which needs to be straightforward and make customers want to use your offer right away to get benefits. psychology.jpg

10. Give a bonus to your readers

You might not know that 49% of people open advertising emails from businesses because of discounts and offers. That is why a bonus is a must-have factor in your email marketing content. And of course, both new and regular customers will be attracted and consider purchasing your items because of reasonable prices. Service businesses can also use this factor to create a competitive advantage over competitors. bonus.jpg

Change email content today to receive a better sales result!

Although there are so many ways for you to boost sales, email marketing is worth trying due to its effectiveness and cost-saving. It is not tough to write the best email marketing content; why not check and update the inside information of your email today? Good luck!

Sophia Loren
Written by
Sophia Loren
SEO specialist

Sophia Loren is an SEO specialist at dsers.com. She is passionate about almost everything in online business: marketing, products, business models, etc. What she prefers most is dropshipping - the popular business model.

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