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25 validations / day
(0.2 credits / day)
Best effort
1,000,000 / month

per month
250 validations / day
(2 credits / day)
2,000,000 / month

per month
1,250 validations / day
(10 credits / day)
Real time
10,000,000 / month

per month
6,250 validations / day
(50 credits / day)
Real time
20,000,000 / month

per month
25,000 validations / day
(200 credits / day)
Real time
50,000,000 / month


Email validations

Each email validation has a simple, clear-cut, unit price, depending on the quality of results you need:

Standard quality 0.008 credits per email address
Suitable for most businesses, provides good results for the vast majority of email addresses; features a single validation pass and 5 second anti-tarpit time; less suitable for validating email addresses with temporary issues (mailbox over quota, greylisting, etc.) and slower mail exchangers.
High quality 0.02 credits per email address
Much higher quality, featuring 3 validation passes and 50 seconds of anti-tarpit time, so you can even validate most addresses with temporary issues, or slower mail exchangers.
Extreme quality 0.04 credits per email address
Unbeatable, top-notch quality for professionals who need the best results the industry can offer: performs email validation at the highest level, with 9 validation passes and 2 minutes of anti-tarpit time!

Credit packs

All of our plans come with a certain number of free credits, which expire daily; to validate more than the daily allotment, purchase a credit pack from our client area, after signing up. Credits purchased in a credit pack never expire.

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