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1. Upload your list of email addresses

Verifalia is a web-based email validation service that lets you upload and validate lists of email addresses simply and easily. To scrub your lists, just upload one or more files containing the addresses to validate, and our service will detect which ones are invalid or non-working, providing you with a detailed report.

2. Get the validation results

Your email validation report will be highly detailed, containing all the information you need to update your database, including deliverability status, network error codes, disposable email address (DEA) detection, and much more. Reports can easily be downloaded and saved to your computer for further analysis.

Get it for your app!

Software developers love to integrate Verifalia in their software applications, as the whole email validation service is exposed via an elegant and secure HTTPS-based RESTful API, which uses JSON as its primary data interchange format. Input a couple of lines of code and Verifalia will validate email addresses from within your own application!

Why choose us?

Because we know how to validate email addresses better than anyone else. We are the creators of EmailVerify for .NET, the leading and award winning email validation component for software developers, and have been in the email validation business since 2006.

Our hosted email validation service allows you to perform full email hygiene and cleansing, using these tools:

  • advanced syntax verification, according to the Internet IETF standards;
  • international domain names (IDN) and international mailboxes check, built to handle non-ASCII email addresses with non-Latin symbols and alphabets;
  • ISP-specific syntax validation, with support for dozens of the biggest ISPs;
  • DNS validation, including MX record(s) lookup;
  • disposable e-mail address (DEA) validation;
  • SMTP connection and availability checking;
  • mailbox existence checking, with greylisting and temporary unavailability support;
  • catch-all testing.

Furthermore, our hosted email validation service can be automated through our reliable HTTPS-based RESTful API, the optimal tool for developers to ensure email address validity at the point of collection.

Featured clients

Cobisi, the company behind Verifalia, has risen to prominence as a leading provider in software development solutions across a multitude of industries. Our product has shown proven success among dozens of Fortune 500 and industry-leading enterprise corporations.